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Google Chrome May Soon Pack Inbuilt Ad Blocking Feature [Report]

Google is reportedly planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in both the desktop and mobile versions of its Chrome browser. The optional utility will eliminate unacceptable advertisements as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. If implemented correctly, Google Chrome’s ad-blocker would certainly improve our online browsing experience.

The internet is full of annoying ads. Starting from those irritating pop-up ads and bandwidth-eating auto-play videos, till the prestitial commercials which show up before you visit a website, our web usage has never been more annoying. The upcoming ad-blocking feature of Google Chrome is expected to filter out these aggravating advertisements to let us use the internet with minimum distractions.

It is still unclear how Google will implement its ad-blocking initiative. The search engine giant may block all ads from a site with felonious commercials, instead of removing only the individual offending ones. This would force site owners to make sure that all their advertisements comply with the standards of Coalition for Better Ads.

Google Adblocker

Apparently, the ad-blocking initiative appears to be counter-intuitive considering Google’s primary income comes from its online advertisement agency – AdSense. However, in reality, it is purely a defensive step.

A huge majority of netizens rely on third party ad-blockers to block offending commercials. However, they also remove innocent ads which mainly belong to Google’s AdSense. Developing an in-house ad-blocker will not only filter bad advertisements but also unblock the search engine giants own ads.

With Google Chrome having almost 50 percent share of all browsers across every platform, the internet will certainly see a drastic reduction of offending advertisements. This will actually be quite profitable for Google as more and more websites will be forced to rely upon AdSense’s whitelisted commercials.

According to sources close to the search engine giant, the new feature may be announced within a few weeks. However, Google is still working on some vital details. Thus, it is also possible for the entire initiative to get scrapped.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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