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What Is HTC Edge Sense? – Know About The Signature Feature Of U11

HTC U11 is the best smartphone till date from the Taiwanese company. Apart from top notch specifications and a magnificent exterior, the U11 has one more trick up its sleeve. It is the HTC Edge Sense. The exclusive feature will let you interact with the newly launched phone by squeezing it. Surprised? Keep reading to know the things you can do just by applying some pressure on the edges of the U11.

Hardware Behind The HTC Edge Sense

First things first. How does Edge Sense work? Well, it is nothing too complex. The HTC U11 comes with two sets of pressure sensors, each embedded into either side of the smartphone. Each set consists of four super-thin pressure sensing gauges which sum to be eight in the entire phone. These are implanted towards the bottom half of the edges.

HTC Edge Sense Sensors

You need to calibrate the pressure sensors to your desired intensity before you begin using them. This will prevent accidental registering of pressure when you are just holding the phone. The sensors are advanced enough to detect multiple levels of pressures. Apart from this, the phone can also recognize the duration of squeezing. These are the basic principles behind the working of the HTC Edge Sense.

The best part is that the pressure sensors work perfectly under water or through your gloves. This opens up to an entirely new level of usability which can compensate in situations where the screen is non-functional.

Now, let’s move on to the software part. The pressure responses detected by the sensors are processed as shortcuts in the operating system. The variations in intensity and duration of a squeeze can determine which shortcut to launch. This the entire story behind the HTC Edge Sense.

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Features of the HTC Edge Sense

As it is now clear how the Edge Sense works, let’s talk about its implementations. Apparently, the signature feature of the HTC U11 has a lot of usability. You can set it up to launch any application you wish starting from the camera to the Play Store. Need to click a picture, just squeeze your U11 and open the camera, then squeeze again to capture an image.

However, the main charm of the HTC Edge Sense is that it can work wonders in some unusual situations. For examples:

  • Turn on flashlight without even looking at the display
  • Capture images or record videos under water where the display doesn’t work
  • Launch a specific app even when you are wearing thick gloves
  • Operate the phone in case the display breaks; you may even launch Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to use your U 11 with voice commands.

So, do you find the HTC Edge Sense useful? Let us know in the comments below.


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