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Are Ola cabs safe? Driver caught watching movie while driving

Seeing cab drivers using their cell phones or interacting with smartphones while driving is nothing new to see. But today, a customer riding in an Ola cab shared a clip of the cab driver watching a movie while driving.

Sharing the Ola OSN number 650634237, Yash Garg tweeted that the driver of the Ola cab he was travelling in was watching videos. In a clip shared by Yash in his tweet, you will see a tablet mounted on the driver’s right-hand side. The driver is also seen wearing earphones and is watching videos on the tablet. Yash has also alleged the driver of not turning on the A/C despite being told to do so.

A Concern for safety

While we’ve been ignoring people driving while using phones, the people watching films or videos are far more dangerous to our safety. A person talking on call at least has eyes on the road but someone watching a video, virtually has his eyes closed to the road.

In this video, an Ola Cab driver is watching a video while driving the cab. This person is not only putting his life at the stake but also of the people who are travelling in the cab. Apart from that, such people are dangerous to the pedestrian and other vehicles on the road.

The Appropriate Action

What should be done when you see someone on a phone while driving? Or when your cab driver is using their phone while driving? While many of us won’t take it seriously and will ignore it, the right thing to do is to report such incidents. If your cab driver is using his phone while driving, the right thing to do is ask them to stop using it or park aside in case of an emergency.

If your cab driver misbehaves, like in this case where the driver did not turn on the A/C, you have the full right to report the driver to your cab hailing service, and cancel the ride. At the time of writing this post, there was no response from Ola, even though it has been more than 6 hours since Yash posted the video. We urge Ola to take appropriate action and make sure that he or other drivers do not make this mistake again.


Many of us may find it a minor incident or a casual case but it is serious. On the road, accidents do not give a warning before taking place, so before someone has to pay a price for somebody else’s carelessness, report such incidences and do not use phones yourself while driving too.

Our editor in Chief, Mr Abhishek Bhatnagar was tagged in the tweet by Yash, that is how we came across this incident. As responsible citizens, we urge you to discourage using your phone for any purpose while driving.


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