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Edward Snowden develops Haven app that allows you to spy on spies

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden led project has developed an application called ‘Haven’ that can protect your devices from prying eyes. With a simple and encrypted Android app, you can turn your smartphone into a motion, sound, vibration, and light detector.

The idea of Haven app revolves around maintaining the privacy of your valuable possessions and the information stored on them. While the app is not 100% foolproof, it is a powerful tool to safeguard your privacy.

Haven: your new privacy protector

Haven app

Haven is a simple mobile application that turns your Android phone into a security guard. It is developed by the Guardian Project and is available here. The app uses various sensors on your phone to check for any motion, sound or disturbance of the device.

The working of Haven is explained by The Intercept’s Micah Lee, who developed the app. He says, “You lock your laptop in a hotel safe — not a secure move on its own — and place your Haven phone on top of it. If someone opens the safe while you’re away, the phone’s light meter might detect a change in lighting, its microphone might hear the safe open (and even the attacker speak), its accelerometer might detect motion if the attacker moves the laptop, and its camera might even capture a snapshot of the attacker’s face.”

While the Haven app cannot stop the attacks from happening, it can let you know via encrypted texts and safeguard your possessions. This simple app can get you the faces and voices of the people trying to infringe on your privacy. However, this is not the only way it works and you will find other applications to this app in the real world usage.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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