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Google Flights will now help you get cheaper tickets, know flight delays

Google is updating its Google Flights search engine with new features to help travelers in getting information about delays and cheaper fares. The tech giant is not notifying the flight delays by pulling information from the airline service but using its machine learning algorithms to do that. The AI takes advantage of the historical data and predicts the delays which haven’t been flagged by the airlines yet.

Google has explained that the combination of AI and the data provided can predict some particular delays even before any confirmation from the airlines. The search giant has also added that the AI won’t flag the delay until it is at least 80 percent confident about its prediction. It will also tell the reason for the delay, if it is the weather or if the aircraft is not running as scheduled.

Google Flights

To track the flight, you just need to enter the flight number or the airline or the route of the flight and the delays will appear in the search results. The other important update which has been added to the Google Flights is a little help for the users to tell them what the Economy fares include and exclude from the total ticket price. This new feature is for the travelers who are traveling on a budget.

These two new features show Google’s machine learning and data analyzing capabilities, particularly for flight delays. Even though you can rely on machine learning to know about the delays, you still need to be on time at the airport for your flight to be on the safe side.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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