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Conbrov T11 Spy Night Vision Camera review

Conbrov T11 720p mini is a small hidden spy camera which comes with a motion sensor and night vision video recording feature. This camera can be used as a spy camera or as a surveillance camera for your home. It can detect motion using its built-in motion sensor and can start recording automatically.

Let’s dive in and look at all the features of this camera and how well all of these features works.

Conbrov T11 Specifications and Unboxing

Conbrov T11

The Conbrov T11 camera is packed with most of the essential things you will need – the box contains the camera unit itself, a USB cable for data sync and charging the camera, documents, and a camera reset tool. There is no microSD card provided which is needed to set up the camera for the first time as there is no internal memory provided in the camera. It comes with a built-in battery which can keep it running for a long time.

Conbrov T11 Design

The Conbrov T11 camera is very compact and small; you can carry it in your pocket or backpack easily. It is black in color, making it easy to hide it anywhere in the dark. The front of the camera has the camera lens surrounded by six IR LEDs and below it is the motion sensor to sense motion in the viewfinder. At the back are the micro USB port for charging and the microSD card slot.

Conbrov T11

The primary controls of the camera are at the bottom part of the unit; the power button, two recording buttons, audio control switch and the status LED. The camera lens is entirely adjustable to different angles. The camera is made of black plastic material and feels pretty sturdy.

Conbrov T11 Features

The Conbrov T11 camera is a perfect night vision camera which comes with a small form factor. The camera captures 720p HD videos and stores them in AVI format. There are two options to record a video; standard recording and motion detection recording. The standard recording option starts to record the video right away, and the motion detection recording starts recording only when it detects movement.

It records a ten-minute clip in motion detection recording mode and then gets idle till next motion in the viewfinder. The camera has a 120-degree wide lens which captures large area at the same time which is great if you use this camera at a warehouse or for home. It can record audio as well, but if you don’t need sound in videos, then you can turn off audio recording using the switch.


During our testing, the Conbrov T11 camera did really well with motion detecting and recording videos at dark. The videos come out clear with minimal grains visible only when there is some source of light in the area. The camera senses the light condition and turns on the LEDs to record in the dark. The motion detection worked perfectly and started the recording at the same instant. A little sample video captured by this camera is attached above, check it out.


Conbrov T11 seems a costly camera but looking at the size of the camera, it seems to be worth it. No other camera with this form factor can do the same as this camera does. Overall, the Conbrov T11 spy camera provides good value for money. You can buy the Conbrov T11 from Amazon for approximately Rs. 17,000


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