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Google I/O 2018: 5 new features coming to Google Maps soon

Google has announced several new updates at its Google I/O 2018 annual developer conference. Google Maps is getting new features to become more helpful and it will now offer more customized suggestions for users. The new features of Google Maps include a redesigned Explore tab, a matching food outlet, group planning, and more.

With these new features, Google Maps offers a more immersive experience including an Augmented Reality mode and a new For You tab. It will offer local recommendations to the users based on their location. The new Google Maps features will roll out to the Android and iOS users globally in the coming months.

Google Maps new features

Here are 5 new features of Google Maps and how they will work:

New AR mode

Google has announced a new augmented reality (AR) mode that will make its way to Maps. It will help users get walking directions and it overlays arrows, landmarks, maps, and maybe an animated creature to show the way in a camera view. It is a street View-powered navigation feature, using the camera instead of a 3D rendering. The AR mode needs more than just GPS to operate properly and uses VPS (visual positional system) to visually identify landmarks around the user.

New Explore tab

Maps will also get a revamped Explore tab. So, users can view every place of their interest nearby their location. The new explore tab will show activities, restaurants, coffee shops, events, and recommendations from popular lists to help you find the best restaurants suggested by local guides and experts.

Matching venues

This is another new feature which is based on data that Google Maps has gathered from you and using machine learning, the service will recommend the match for a selected food or drink venue to your preferences. It will be based on factors including places you have visited before, preferences you have shared with Maps, information about the business, and previous user ratings.

Group planning

Google Maps will also incorporate a new group planning feature that lets users create shareable shortlists making it easier to make plans with friends and family. You can long press on places and your group members can vote to keep it in or out. Moreover, Google Maps already has the functionality to let you make a reservation and book a cab ride to that venue.

For you tab

The new “For you” tab will offer a customized view of trending places in your areas. Also, users can select areas or dining spots to follow, from which updates like matching, trending, newly opened, and popular places will be shown in this “for you” tab.


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