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Google’s Gallery Go is a Lightweight Alternative to Photos

Gallery Go is the latest app from Google that is a lightweight version of Google’s Photos app. This joins the previous Android Go series apps. Like others, this will also work without requiring too much storage and will not use much data as well.

Google launched Photos the photo-sharing service back in 2015. Expanding the Photos family today, Google has launched ‘Gallery Go’ which is a lightweight version of the Photos app. This brings many of the features of Google Photos and also works offline.

Gallery Go Features

Google wrote in an official blogpost that Gallery Go is designed to work offline and it uses machine learning to organize photos automatically.

Gallery Go helps users find, edit and manage their photos easily on their Android devices. The app organizes the photo even in offline mode. It brings many of the best features of Google Photos, however, organizing photos by people is not available for all markets.

If we talk about other features, Google’s Gallery Go will work well with SD cards as well. It will allow users to copy their photos to memory cards easily. The app also comes with auto-enhance support, filters, and some basic editing options like crop and rotate for pictures. It uses machine learning to auto-enhance your photos.

The Gallery Go app weighs just 10MB in size. Google says that the app is designed for users who don’t have a high-end phone with more RAM and storage and also do not have a fast internet connection.

Google launched the light version of its OS as Android Go for those who have basic phones. We have already seen most of the Google apps under the ‘Go’ edition. Now, this Gallery Go is also expected to come pre-installed in future Android Go phones.

The Google Gallery Go app is available on the Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 Oreo or above.


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