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Check Radiation Level From Electronics at Home Using EMF Meter

We all live with electronic appliances all around us and almost all of them radiates some kind of emission which could be harmful to our health. One of those harmful emissions is the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) that we can detect it by using an EMF Meter. If the EMF goes above the safe range, it can interfere with our body’s day to day working.

One appliance which we use almost every day is the microwave oven and there is no surprise that it radiates high EMF than any other appliances. There is no escape from these radiations but we at least can make a safe range from these so we can be healthy for longer. To know which appliance radiates the most, you can use an EMF Meter to tell that.

Get Yourself an EMF Meter

You can buy a basic EMF meter from Amazon website which will help you to measure the electromagnetic field radiation around your house. You can buy it from any online or offline electronics store. it will cost you around Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 excluding the batteries, at least we didn’t get it when we ordered ours from Amazon.

This needs three AAA batteries to operate the EMF meter and it is mostly made of plastic. The size is about equal to a TV remote and has a small seven segment display to show the readings. It also has a light-sound alarm to alert you when you are in an unsafe EMF range.

The EMF tester also comes with a built-in sensor to tell the temperature at the same time. it tells the current temperature on the same display and you can change the readings to Celcius or Fahrenheit.

The meter comes with various settings which you can change accordingly. You can change the temperature readings from Celcius to Fahrenheit by taping the C/F button once. The EMF readings can also be changed from mG to uT by taping the MG/UT button once. You can hold the C/F button to enable the shut-off shift feature which turns off the device after 10 minutes fo idle time.

If you find the alert sound annoying and good with the light alert then you can turn the sound off by holding the power key. You can get the hold readings and also the max readings using the mode button on the tester.

What if I am in bad EMF range for too long?

Well for most of the appliances the manufacturers keep the EMF radiation under a safe level. But if you are in harmful EMF range then it can affect your nervous system and can damage cells faster. At the very least, it can cause headache, sleeplessness, tiredness, depression, nausea, and dizziness.

It has also been observed that long exposure to EMF radiations can develop cancer cells. You can only stay safe by using your smartphone as less as possible and buy yourself an EMF tester which tells you to stay in a safe range from appliances.

What is the Safe EMF Range?

The safe EMF range is different for different appliances as not all of them radiates the same EMF when operational. You can take the help of the table below to know which appliance radiates how much EMF to stay safe.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of simple ways to stay safe from EMF radiation and one of which is using them as least as possible. The more you stay in contact with these appliances the longer you are in the radiation range which is bad for your health.

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