Samsung recently dropped the tenth iteration of its most popular smartphone series, Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Apart from being the most beautiful and powerful smartphone, Galaxy Note 10 comes with S Pen. This stylus from Samsung is the best stylus ever built for a smartphone.

Last year, Samsung upgraded the S Pen after a very long time and gave it an ability to control some basic task on Galaxy Note 9 from a distance. This time Samsung went even further by improving the battery standby time and added more features to it.

The new S Pen with Galaxy Note 10 Series is Bluetooth enabled and you can control videos, snap pictures and even control presentations using S Pen.

Galaxy Note 10 S Pen Specifications

The S Pen comes with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity which makes it as smooth as a real pen on paper. You can create a perfect sketch on your Note 10 just like on a canvas, you can make perfect paintbrush strokes too. The S Pen comes with a capacitor winch acts as a battery and can give hours of backup with a single charge.

There is no need to charge the S Pen separately, you only need to put the S Pen back into the Note 10 to charge it. It takes about 10 minutes to charge the Pen completely and can give you a

Control Your Phone Remotely

The new S Pen comes with gyroscope built-in so it can record the movements and send them as shortcuts to your phone. This lets you do some basic tasks on your phone without even touching your phone. You can control your smartphone’s camera completely using your S-pen. All you have to do is move your S Pen clockwise or anticlockwise to switch to front or rear cameras.

You can flick your S Pen left to move to the next photo in the gallery, similarly, flick the S Pen right to go to the previous image. If your phone is on a speaker dock and you are away from it then you can flick the S Pen upward or downward to turn the volume up or down remotely.

Scribble Scribble

Yes, of course, it is a stylus so you can use it to doodle or take notes on your phone and save them. The S Pen comes with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity which makes it too close to the pen and paper experience. It seems like an exaggeration but if you ever used an S Pen then you will know what I am talking about.

The Galaxy Note 10 comes with Screen off memo feature which lets you take note almost instantly without waking up your phone. Just take out the Note 10 from your pocket, pull out the S Pen and start writing on the screen. And with this new feature, you can instantly pin this note to the Always-on display.

Draw around you

Samsung’s new AR Doodle feature is an augmented reality-based doodle feature which let you doodle in real-time while recording a video. This feature works just like Google’s AR app called Just a line but with more features. There are different brush styles and you can even anchor the doodle to the faces so it will pop up every time you take their pictures.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a powerful smartphone, it may be a little expensive but it worth the money. Even if you ever used a Galaxy Note series smartphone or not, the new and improved S Pen with Galaxy Note 9 will surely impress you in one shot.