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How to Share Private Albums on Google Photos

Google introduced the Direct sharing feature in its Photos app. It allows us to share a single photo or video to another Google Photos user via direct messaging within the app itself. Now, as per Google, the use of this sharing feature has increased by 50 percent in some regions since the start of lockdown due to COVID-19.

Google is now adding the ability to share whole albums in a similar way. So, you can now share your private album with another user within the app itself. The feature has started to roll out this week. This will give users more control over who’s added to their Photos album. i.e. who can check their photos?

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Share Albums on Google Photos

Sharing an album with a specific person will be quite easy. You can share your album with them via their Google account and it will be the default option.

Go to Google Photos and open an album that you want to share. Now on the right top corner, tap on the share icon.

Google will show you some suggestions from your contact list, or you can search for any specifics contact. Now, tap on that contact profile icon and then tap on send.

If you want to share the album to a person who does not have Google Photos or Google account, you can share a link of that album via any other app. You can embed the link to the album in an email or text to make it easy to share.

For this, click on the share icon, and then top ‘Create link’ below. Once the link is copied, you can send it to anyone via any messaging app.

Link Sharing can be turned off at any time. It also offers controls to decide if others have permission to add photos to the album or not. You can also remove someone from the album, which will further remove the photos they added.

Direct Album Sharing feature on Google Photos will be available to everyone in the next few days. You can download Google Photos for free for your Android or iPhone.

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