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These Tricks Will Help You Secure Your Gmail Account

Gmail is one email service that almost everyone uses whether he owns an Android device or not. If you are using one too then you should try these tricks here to secure your Gmail account. You can do much more than just create an account with a strong password to strengthens the security.

You should try these tricks if you want to secure a Gmail account. These features are available to all the Gmail users whether it is a regular account or a Gsuite account.

Secure Gmail Account

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Auth is one feature that you should use on any account it comes with not with the Gmail only. Gmail comes with this feature too and if you haven’t enabled it then you should enable it using the steps.

  1. On your phone, go to the Settings > Accounts > Google Account.
  2. Tap on account to manage the account and then go to the Security tab.
  3. You will see a 2-step Verification option and you will be redirected to a webpage asking for your password.
  4. Just follow the instructions here and the 2-factor auth will be enabled on your account.

Now, every time you will log in to a new device using your account and password. You need to do that 2-factor auth to log in successfully so even if anyone can grab your login pass. There will be no login without your permission

Review Your Security Details

If you are still septical about your account being used in any device which you are unaware of, you can review that too. The Review security events feature is available in the same Security tab in the Google Account Manage. You will be able to see a list of all the places where the account has been logged in.

You can tap on any event to exam more details about the event. If you don’t recognize the login form that device or that location then you can take actions. You can go into the Your devices feature under in the Security tab. Go to Manage devices and log out of all the devices which you don’t recognize signing in.

Wrapping up

This is how you can enable 2-factor auth security on your Google account. This will strengthen the security of your Gmail account as well. For more security tips and tricks like these, follow GadgetsToUse on social media.

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