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3 Apps to Automatically Add Watermark to Camera Photos on Android

The ‘Shot on' watermark is a great way to show off your photography skills on social media. However, not all phones have the feature. Anyway, you can still apply customized ‘shot on' watermarks using third-party tools. Here are the top three apps that can automatically add watermark to camera photos on Android.

Automatically Add Watermark to Photos on Android

1. Shot On

ShotOn lets you apply customized watermarks on your pictures. You can choose between almost all popular brand logos, add shot on, i.e., your phone's model, shot by, i.e., your name, followed by date and time.

It further lets you play with stamp position, font, color, and size options. Just install the app, customize your watermark, and add the photo from the gallery. You can also click pictures directly using the camera option, wherein the watermark is applied automatically.

The app is free to use but contains full-screen ads.


  • Logos for all major Smartphone brands
  • Add Shot on, Shot by
  • Add Date and Time
  • Customize Watermark Position, Font, Color and Size

Offered by: Ak Web Designer, Gujarat, India

Download Here

2. Auto Logo & Text on Camera Photos

As the name suggests, the app lets you add logo and text watermarks on camera photos. However, there are no built-in options. Instead, you'll need to manually enter the text and add the logo from your phone's gallery.

Once you customize the watermark, it'll be auto-applied on photos you take, provided that the app is running in the background. You'll be notified via toast notification whenever a picture is stamped automatically.

For customization, you can adjust the text size, color, position, alignment, and transparency. The logo size and transparency, too, can be changed.

It is available for free but contains in-app ads.


  • Auto-apply Watermark
  • Upload Own Logo and Text
  • Customize Position, Size, Color, Alignment & Transparency

Offered by: Master Apps Lab, Surat, India

Download Here

3. ShotOn Stamp Camera

ShotOn Stamp has a very similar interface to the app above. You can either upload your own watermark or choose between the preset library, which includes brand logos, as well as generic camera icons.

Furthermore, you can replace ‘shot on' with other similar tags. Photos captured with the camera are automatically watermarked (the app should be running in the background).

You can customize the logo position, stamp position, stamp size, font style, font color, as well as the logo color based on your liking. Besides, date and time, too, can be added with style, format, size, and color of your choice.

Like other apps, this too has ads, but they aren't as intrusive.


  • Auto-apply Watermark
  • Upload Own Logo or Select Pre-loaded Options
  • Add Date and Time
  • Customize Position, Size, Font, Color

Offered by: Ebizz Apps, Surat, India

Download Here

Wrapping Up

So these were some apps that you can use to add automatic watermarks to camera photos on Android. You can use either of them based on your liking. Feel free to reach out in case of any doubts or queries. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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