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Get iOS 14, Android 11 Double-Tap Gesture on Any Phone

Google introduced double tap at the back gesture with Android 11 developer preview, and so did Apple with its iOS 14. Using it, one can customize a double or triple tap on the back of the phone to activate certain features. Thanks to a third-party XDA developer, you can now get the double-tap gesture from iOS 14 or Android 11 on any phone out there.

Get iOS 14 or Android 11 Double-Tap Gesture on Any Phone

The rear-tap gesture was seen in early dev previews of Android 11. It allowed you to tap the back of your Pixel to do things like launching the camera, activating Google assistant, or controlling music. Unfortunately, the feature was removed with subsequent beta builds.

Similarly, on iOS 14, you can double-tap on the back of the phone to activate Siri, take screenshots, mute the phone, and more. You can also set a triple tap to toggle other actions.

Thankfully, the XDA developer Kieron Quinn came up with Tap, Tap– an open-source app that adapts Google’s machine learning model to power the gesture. Or we can say, it’s practically a port of Android 11’s double-tap gestures.

Steps to Get Double-Tap at the Back Gesture on Any Android Phone

1] To start with, download and install the “Tap, Tap” app from the link given below (compatible with ARMv8 devices running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher).

Download Tap, Tap Alpha

2] Open the app and allow accessibility permissions. Then, disable battery optimization so that it doesn’t get killed in the background.

3] Now, click on Actions and add desired actions for the double-tap gesture. For now, there are a total of four options:

  • Launch- Launch an app, a Shortcut, Assistant, or Camera.
  • Utilities- Launch reachability and toggle flashlight.
  • Actions- Screenshot, open notification, quick settings, lock the screen, wake device, show volume panel, control volume, switch sound profiles, split-screen, open recent, home and back navigation, etc.
  • Advanced- Trigger the Tasker event plugin or run a specified Tasker task.

4] You can select any action and add Requirements to it, say the display should be on/ off, a particular app should be running, or the phone should be plugged in for the gesture to work.

You can further set Gates, i.e., situations where the gestures should not work.

Once done with customization, you can try double-tapping the back of your phone to see if it works. The default action is set to toggle Google Assistant. If the action is getting activated too easily or requires multiple tries, you can tweak its sensitivity in the Gesture tab.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how you can enjoy iOS 14 or Android 11 double-tap gestures on your Android phone. I tried the app, and it worked perfectly on my phone. Do try it on your device and let us know if it works as intended. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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