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Whatsapp Getting New Storage Usage Feature; Here’s How It Will Work

WhatsApp is working on a new storage usage feature for the app so the user can manage the media received. WhatsAppBetaInfo has hinted this feature to be coming to the app and now we got a solid proof as a screenshot. Let's know more about this new feature and how it will help to manage storage on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Storage Feature

The first tool which they told about is the filter tool which kind of sorts the media according to the size. Those tools which were previously shown were just like the prototype which means the features were supposed to be changed prior to release.

Credits: WABetaInfo

These features here are the real deal and will make its way to the final update. These screenshots show a lot you the upcoming feature. You can see that the app has its own page which shows a storage bar at the top with a cleanup suggestion below it so you know which files are taking more storage so you can delete them to gain back the storage.

Below that, you will see the chat list with the size of the media received by that contact or group. There is a search button on the top of the chat section so you can search for the chats.

WhatsApp is still improving and coming up with new features even though its already perfect for what it is. But this WhatsApp storage feature is really useful in the app to know how much space the WhatsApp media is taking up on your phone. This feature is not available anywhere right now, not even on the beta channel so you have to wait a bit longer for this feature.

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