Counting in the recent ban on 118 new Chinese apps, the Indian government has banned a total of 224 Chinese apps over the last three months in the country. This includes TikTok and other similar apps like Helo, Vigo Video, Kwai, Likee, and more. However, several such apps are still not banned in India. Here’s the list of popular Chinese short video apps that are available on Google Play and not banned in India.

TikTok-Like Chinese Short Video Apps that are Not Banned in India

Zili- Short Video

TikTok-Like Chinese Short Video Apps that are Not Banned in India

Zili is a free short video application that lets you watch as well as create short, entertaining videos on its platform. The app is developed by the Chinese company Xiaomi and has received over fifty million lifetime installs on Google Play Store.

For those unaware, it was previously kept under inspection besides 275 other Chinese apps. The list also included Alibaba’s AliExpress and the now-banned PUBG Mobile. But as of now, Zili is not banned in India and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store.

Here’s a detailed app check for Zili.

Snack Video

TikTok-Like Chinese Short Video Apps that are Not Banned in India

Snack Video is a TikTok-rival app developed by Beijing-based Kuaishou Technology. The Chinese company has backing from the conglomerate Tencent. Kuaishou’s Kwai and MV Master apps have already been banned in India.

Despite having Chinese origin, this app has managed to escape the app ban in India. So far, it has garnered over a hundred million downloads on Google Play Store. Note that it mentions Singapore as the developer location since it’s technically registered there.

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Vskit and Vskit Lite

TikTok-Like Chinese Short Video Apps that are Not Banned in India

Vskit is another China-originated short video app that now has over ten million downloads on the Play Store. The app’s parent company Transsnet Media is a joint venture of two tech firms in China- NetEase, and Transsion.

The Indian ministry has already banned several games from NetEase. This includes titles like Rules of Survival, LifeAfter, and Knives Out.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the popular Chinese short video apps that are still not banned and available for download in India. Now, there could be multiple reasons for them to escape the ban- either they don’t pose enough security risk, or they managed to escape the government’s radar.

Anyway, there’s no clarity on whether if they’ll be banned in the coming time. If you want to use short video apps but not the ones from China, here are some good TikTok-alternatives that you can look forward to.

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