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5 iOS 14 Features That Are Specially For Indian iPhone Users

Apple’s latest iOS 14 updates for its iPhones comes with lots of new features and the update has been released for Indian users as well. The update comes with some India specific features as well which will make your iPhone a bit personal than ever. Here are the India specific iOS 14 features which you get on your iPhone.

Translator app

Apple released its own new translation app for the iOS 14 with a bunch of new features like offline translation. The translator app has a surprise feature for Indian users which lets you translate Indian English to other languages. This is a big feature that is available specifically for Indians.

The Translator app is still in the works so sadly there are not many languages to choose from. But soon Apple will release more language support for the app to make it more useable. Till then you can go ahead and use any other translator app on your iPhones running iOS 14.

Email app with Devnagri Email ID Support

The default Mail app in the iOS 14 comes with a bunch of features like you can choose the default mail app of your choice. But another feature which is specifically for Indians is the support for Devanagari email IS making is possible to send mails to the email ID with Devanagari text in it.

Siri Got a Human-like Voice for Indian English

Siri last year go the support for the Indian English voice which makes it understand and speak in Indian English. This year, Apple updated this support to make it more human-like which sounds pretty good than before.

iMessage Localised Effects

iMessage in iOS every year got an update with a bunch of new features and improvements. The app has now got new local touch to the messages which create localized special effects to certain Indian specific messages like Happy Holi or Happy Diwali.

Text Messages with Better Spam Management

The text messages in iOS 14 got new and updated spam management which makes it easier to block certain senders. You will be able to filter them better and there is a bunch of options to configure this inside the app as well.

Wrapping up

These are the India specific iOS 14 features that Apple added to the new version of iOS specifically for the Indian users. For more iOS or Apple tips and tricks like this, you can follow us on social media pages.