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Detect Potholes in India, Get Alerts on Your Phone While Driving

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Potholes are a big problem on Indian roads. Hitting a pothole at high speed could not only cause damage to the vehicle but can also cause some serious accidents. Thankfully, we now have an app that can alert you about the pothole on your way so that you can slow down your vehicle. Here’s how you can get pothole alerts on your phone while driving on Indian roads.

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Get Pothole Alerts on Your Android Phone While Driving

As noted, you can now get pothole alerts while commuting to work or navigating to any other location on Indian roads. All of it is possible with the new ‘Intents Go’ app, which has been developed by a Gurugram-based software firm.

The ‘Intents Go – Navigation with Pothole Alerts’ app collects data about potholes and other barriers about roads from Intents Truck drivers. It then uses the data to alert you of potholes on your way while driving.

To Get Pothole Alerts While Driving:

  1. Download and install Intents Go on your phone from Google Play Store here.
  2. Please open it and grant it permissions to access location and physical activity on your device.
  3. Next, select the vehicle you drive, be it a Scooter, Motorcycle, Car, SUV, Bus, Truck, etc.
  4. Once set up, use it as a normal navigation app like Google Maps.
  5. As you navigate, it’ll alert you of potholes in advance so that you can slow down and avoid any damage due to the pothole or obstruction.

All the potholes, bumps, and barriers are marked with a red pointers on the map. You can look at the same to see if any obstructions have been reported in your location.

The app can run in the background and also supports turn-by-turn voice navigation and alerts. You can change voice alert timing, frequency, range, and other things in the Settings. Plus, it also informs the user about waterlogging and traffic bottlenecks and provides a 3D vision of the potholes.

How Does it Work?

Intents has a separate application called Intents Truck Driver, which gives users cash rewards for driving. It then collects data about potholes, speedbumps, and other obstructions on the road by detecting vibrations using the app.

The collected data is then mapped and used to alert other users when they pass through that particular stretch. Users don’t need to keep the app opened- it can run in the background and alert 200m ahead of a pothole.

Wrapping Up

This was a quick guide on how you can get pothole alerts while driving on Indian roads using the Intents Go app. We’ve also mentioned how does the app work. Do try it and let us know if it makes driving easier and more comfortable for you. Feel free to reach out for any doubts or queries in the comments below.

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