Unintentionally breaking the speed limit or skipping a red light signal may invite a hefty traffic challan on your name. Hence, it’s always advisable to abide by the local traffic laws while you’re driving a vehicle. Interestingly, we now have a dedicated app that helps you detect speed cameras on the road so that you can avoid fines for speeding in India. Read on.

Detect Speed Cameras in India, Get Alerts While Driving

Last year, Google began providing information about speed limits and speed cameras on its Maps app in India. However, the feature disappeared from the app for unknown reasons.

Thankfully, we now have a dedicated app called Radarbot which gives speed camera warnings and real-time traffic alerts while commuting. Below is how you can use it to avoid speed fines while driving on the road.

Using RadarBot to Get Speed Camera Warnings

  1. Install Radarbot Speed Cam Detector on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Launch Google Maps, start your navigation, and minimize it.
  3. Now, open Radarbot and grant it necessary permissions.
  4. The app’s main screen will show your current location and a speedometer at the bottom right.
  5. Keep the app open, mount the phone on your dashboard, and continue your ride.
  6. As soon as you approach a speed camera or break the speed limit, the app will send out sound warnings. It also supports vibration alerts in case you’re riding a bike with the phone in your pocket.

Since you already started navigation in Google Maps, you’ll continue to receive navigation alerts from Maps while Radarbot runs in the foreground.

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As of now, the app can alert you of fixed speed cameras, tunnel cameras, ANPR (number plate recognition) cameras, and traffic light cameras. Additionally, you’ll also be warned of traffic jams, dangerous or accident areas, as well as potential mobile van cameras reported by other users.

The good thing is that you’ll only receive warnings for the direction in which you are traveling. It’ll automatically dismiss speed cameras in the opposite direction or outside your route.

Since it’s majorly a community-driven app, you need to have potential users in your city to be able to benefit from it. Currently, it’s already being used by quite a few people in Delhi and Noida. Anyway, you do have the option to manually report speed cameras on your way.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about how you can use the Radarbot speed cam detector app to get alerts for speed cameras and traffic signal cameras while driving. Anyway, do you know any other similar apps that work at your location? Do let me know in the comments below.

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