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Top 9 Privacy Apps to Use: Prevent Tracking, Block Ads, Data Collection

Privacy has always been a very important subject in this modern era, where we spend most of our time online, whether it is browsing through the web, scrolling on social media, online shopping, content consumption, and a lot more. But do to know how safe is the app which you are using or whether there are any hidden trackers used to spy on your data? Don't worry we have compiled a list of apps that will keep track of data other apps are trying to access and will help you to improve your data privacy. You can also stop cross websites tracking in chrome, so that website you visit does not share data about you.

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Best Privacy Apps to use in 2021

We have picked the best privacy apps that will help you avoid privacy issues and will also help get rid of targeted ads to improve your online experience. We do have a video version as well, check it out here.

1. DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuckGo is a well-recognized private browser, unlike other browsers or search engines DuckDuckgo doesn't have any trackers. Instead, it blocks trackers on third-party websites, along with this DuckDuckGo will show details about each tracker blocked by it. Also, it has an easy access button to erase all browsing data like cookies and kill all tabs with a single click. All this makes it a pleasant browsing experience.

  • Blocks and show details about trackers
  • Erase all browsing data in a Single Touch
  • Doesn't track your personal data
  • Ads are not based on your personal data, instead, they are based on search result pages

DuckDuckGo Seach    DuckDuckGo Chrome Extension & Browser App

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2. Bromite Browser

If you like to use chrome because of ease of use, and user interface, but don't like how it tracks and shows ads while browsing. There Bromite might be the perfect alternative app for you, as it is a Chromium-based browser, it looks like Chrome. But since we are talking about Privacy, Bromite does come with some privacy-focused features like:

Download Bromite

  • No Suggested Articles like Google Feed
  • Blocks Online Trackers
  • Choose to Open all links in Incognito Mode
  • Inbuilt AdBlocker

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3. Exodus Privacy App

Now that DuckDuckGo has taken care of web trackers, there's more to be done. As you know there are apps on your phone which come with a hidden tracker in it, to track your activity and push you offers and ads based on it. To know about such apps we have the Exodus app, which lists down the number of trackers and permission every app installed on your phone is using.

Download Exodus

  • Lists the number of trackers and permission installed apps are using

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4. Jumbo App

Jumbo sounds like a cool name for a game, right? But this is really helpful app to know whether your data has been already compromised somewhere or not. You need to enter your email address (which will not be shared with anyone) that's it, they will not ask you to create an account or sign in from third-party services, nothing at all. Once you enter your email, jumbo will find out and list every single data breach which included your email address.

Jumbo (Android)       Jumbo (iOS)

  • Doesn't ask to Create an Account or Sign in
  • Doesn't Share ID with 3rd Parties
  • Finds every data leak associated with your email

Note: Jumbo doesn't allow in-app screenshots or screen recordings inside the Jumbo App.

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5. Use a VPN

Now that we have taken care of the trackers and data breaches, we need to make sure we don't compromise our data and privacy while using Public Wifi. A VPN will keep your identity secure by making aka hiding your IP Address. You can use any VPN Service of your choice. Example: Nord VPN, Turbo VPN, Proton VPN, etc.

6. KYMS App

KYMS is a secretive app to keep your data private, it disguises itself as a calculator app, which will solve the math equations you throw at it. But once you type in your secret code, then it opens the hidden vault. You can store Photos, Videos, and other stuff, plus there's a built-in browser that stores the downloaded content within the app itself.

KYMS (Android)        KYMS (iOS)

  • Secret Vault App disguised as a calculator
  • Uses Military Grade AES Encryption
  • Built-in private browser
  • Can share data directly with a computer
  • Panic Mode Built-in
  • Doesn't allow screenshot or Screen recording

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7. Folder Lock

Another vault app is Folder Lock, it also uses AES 256 Encryption for the data, it comes with more features as you can store multiple types of data as there are more categories available, like contacts, audio, cards (which we don't recommend storing), documents, notes, etc. Along with this, there are more security features like:

Folder Lock (Android)         Folder Lock (iOS)

  • Fingerprint login
  • Intruder Selfie with time without alerting them
  • App lock for various apps
  • Secure Browser
  • Create Fake Pin for Multiple Accounts
  • Screenshots and screen recording is possible inside the app
  • In-app Ads

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8. Access Dots

Access Dots is another useful app among the best privacy apps to use. It alerts you when an app is using your camera, mic, or location without your permission. This is kind of similar to what iOS 14 and Android 12 do as well. You can set different colors for each indicator like camera, mic, and location.

Download Access Dots

  • Shows a Colored dot whenever the camera, mic, or location is being used
  • Ads in the UI

9. Bouncer App

If you are a person who allows permission to any app and then forgets to revoke the permission after you close the app when your work is done. Then Bouncer is the App to fix this for you, you can instruct Bouncer App to revoke the permission to any app as soon as you close it or after a certain time period.

Download Bouncer

  • Auto revokes permission for any app
  • Costs $2

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So these are the best privacy apps you can try out to take your privacy to the next level, and keep your data secure as much as possible. If you have any other recommendations, which can make it up to this list, then do let us know.

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