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‘Keyboard For Xiaomi’ Privacy Policy Changes; Must Read For Redmi, Mi Phone Users

Xiaomi smartphones come with a “Keyboard for Xiaomi” keyboard. You can also choose to use another app like Gboard or any other app from Play Store, but if you are using the default one, you must know about its privacy policy. The keyboard app had a different privacy policy earlier but after we reach out to the company for the same, they have now updated it. We are talking about ‘Keyboard For Xiaomi’ privacy policy changes here.

Data privacy has become a much-talked-about issue among mobile phone users, especially after the recent WhatsApp privacy policy update. So if you are a Xiaomi phone user and care about your data, read on to check the privacy policies and how you can stop the app from collecting your data.

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‘Keyboard For Xiaomi’ Privacy Policy Changes

ekatoX Singapore Private Limited is the body that has the right to collect, store, process, transfer, share or use your personal data or information you provide. The company has access to the following data:

1. Your Transaction History

Previously: If you purchase some feature from the keyboard app, such as any custom skin or font, the app will be informed about the same by the payment service provider or app store that you have purchased the service.

Updated: The company has now included some new information in this part which says that it will not collect any of your bank or financial information. 

2. Information You Type on Keyboard

Previously: The company states that it collects all the words you type using the keyboard, including words typed with the voice to text feature. The company uses this data to offer to autocorrect and text prediction. However, this excludes the data from text fields that contain password or payment card details.

Updated: The company has now updated this to only the data you submit into the search fields. In order to offer the most relevant search results to you, the app will now collect only words that you “enter into the search fields”.

3. Automatic Reply and Swipe Typing Data

Previously: When you enable and use the Automatic Reply feature, the app stores messages you receive and send via your social media profiles. Also, when you use the Swipe Typing feature, the app collects information of letters and numbers you type to offer more accuracy.

Updated: This clause has been removed now. 

4. Play Store Search History

Previously: The app stores your search history data on the app store to offer popular and relevant apps to you.

Updated: This clause has been removed now. 

5. Translation Text

Previously: When you use the translation feature of the app, the original content that you were translating is stored on ekatoX group translation team server in an encrypted format for one day.

Updated: This clause has been removed now. 

6. Theme Data

Previously: If you choose a theme for the Keyboard for Xiaomi and upload it to the app’s platform, the company will process data like background image, text color, font, custom skins, and other features.

Updated: Remains same.

7. Sharing Features of App

Previously: If you use special features of the app such as sharing stickers and skins with others on social media, the app will process the data you shared with others or the data you used created by others.

Updated: This clause has been removed now.

8. Your Photos

Previously: If you create a personalized background for your Xiaomi keyboard or an avatar for yourself, the photos you use for these features will be processed by the company.

Updated: This clause has been removed now. 

9. Voice Recording and Related Information

Previously: If you are using voice to text feature on the keyboard to type, the company will access the mic on your smartphone and will store the data your voice recordings and text transcription.

Updated: This clause has been removed now. 

10. Your Preferences and Settings

Previously: The app collects data such as your data sharing settings, specific feature settings such as the Key Sounds, and the level of access that you grant the app to your device.

Updated: Remains same. 

11. Social Media Information

Previously: If you choose to use any of your social media profiles to connect to Keyboard for Xiaomi, the company will collect your information including your username and profile photo from that social network.

Updated: The company included the following that it will collect the data only if it is in accordance with, and permitted by, your privacy settings on that social media.

12. Information From Third-party Apps

Previously: We may collect information from third-party apps. This information may include your IP address, statistics regarding your use of the Keyboard for Xiaomi and Keyboard for Xiaomi Service, and any crashes or problems experienced while using the Keyboard for Xiaomi and Keyboard for Xiaomi Service.

Updated: Remains same. 

13. Information Collected Automatically

Previously: Some information, the keyboard collects automatically. This includes your device information such as type of device, software, CPU, and memory.

Updated: Remains same

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Who can use your personal data?


ekatoX, a Singapore-based company that develops the “Keyboard for Xiaomi” app is responsible to use your personal information. Also, in order to collect or process your personal data, EkatoX uses third-party software and as a result, your data may also be collected by companies like Facebook, Google, and Paytm. But overall, ekatoX is the controller of the user data Xiaomi keyboard collects.

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With whom your data is shared?

The company may share your personal data with the following entities:

(a) Company affiliates: The company may share your personal information with its affiliate companies to “improve the Keyboard for Xiaomi Services” and to show you products and service recommendations.

(b) 3rd Party services: The company may also share your personal information with third-party services such as legal and accounting, payment processing, mailing or chat services, web hosting, etc.

(c) Purchasers: Your personal data may also be disclosed to third parties involved in a transaction like a merger, share sale, financing, change of control, or acquisition of the company’s business, including bankruptcy, and other similar actions.

(d) Law enforcement: The company also shares your data with law enforcement in order to comply with the law, or to comply with other government agencies. The company also uses this data to investigate illegal activities and other breaches.

(e) Others: Lastly, the company may also disclose your personal data to some other third parties as well, but this will be done only with your explicit consent.

Can you opt-out of sharing your data?

The company mentions in the “Keyboard for Xiaomi” privacy policy that it also provides options to opt-out from some of these functions including camera and microphone via your device settings or via the app itself.

1] Open the “Keyboard for Xiaomi” app on your phone.

2] Tap on the square button on the top bar. Scroll up on the menu and tap on “More”.

3] Tap on “Input” and head to “Advanced” settings.

4] Here, you will see the “Share data” toggle under the Privacy section.

5] Turn-off this toggle and the app will not be able to access your data.

If you opt-out, the app will no longer access that part of your data. However, this will affect your user experience with the app.

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Now you can see what data Xiaomi’s keyboard app collects from you. If you still feel concerned after reading the new “Keyboard for Xiaomi” privacy policy, you can either stop data sharing or install any other keyboard app on your phone. But, note that each app collects some of your data in order to offer a more personalized typing experience.

Tell us in the comments which keyboard app you use on your phone. For more such featured stories, stay tuned!

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