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4 Ways to Check Touch Sampling Rate (Response Rate) of Smartphone Display

Nowadays we see high refresh rate displays all around us, on Smartphones, Tablets, Monitors, and even Smart TVs. It ranges from 60Hz, 90hz, to as high as 480Hz depending on what type of display you are looking at. The higher the display refresh rate the more number of times the display updates the content, making the viewing experience more fluid and smooth. But, that’s not the only thing we see when it comes to Display Specs, there’s another term called Touch Sampling Rate, or Touch Response Rate we usually see, next to Refresh Rate.

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What is Touch Sampling Rate or Touch Response Rate?

Refresh Rate – It is the number of times the Display updates its content (picture/frame) per second. It is measured in Hertz (Hz).

Touch Sampling Rate / Touch Response Rate – It is the number of times the screen registers, scans, or detects input in a second. It is also measured in Hertz (Hz). You can find out the exact time the screen looks for new input by dividing it by 1 sec (1000 ms). For example, if the touch response rate is 60Hz, then 1000/60 = 16.67. This means the screen looks for new input every 16.67 ms. You can refer to the table below for a higher-touch sampling rate. Also, you can know about Touch Sampling Rate in our detailed article here.

Touch Sampling Rate Particulars Screen Looks for New Input (in ms)
60 Hz 1000/60 16.67
90 Hz 1000/90 11.11
120Hz 1000/120 8.34
240 Hz 1000/240 4.167
360 Hz 1000/360 2.78
480 Hz 1000/480 2.084


4 Way to Check the Touch Sampling Rate

While there are a couple of ways to find the Touch Refresh Rate of the display of your Phone, Tabet, Laptop, or Monitor. There are very few ways to find the Touch Sampling Rate or Touch Response Rate of your Phone’s screen. We have shared them below.

Lookup on Manufacturer’s Website

One of the easier ways to find the Touch Sampling Rate of your phone is to lookup the display specs on the manufacturer’s website. It is mostly mentioned on the website, but that’s not the best way to do so. Why? Check the other methods mentioned below to find out.

Mi 11 Lite Touch Sampling Rate on Website

Touch Sampling Rate Checker App

Touch Sampling Rate Checker App is one such app, to check the Touch Sampling Rate of your phone’s screen in real-time. All you need to do is tap the Touch to Test button and slide your finger on the screen, it will show the Touch Sampling Rate in Real-time.

Download Touch Sampling Rate Checker

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Touch MultiTest App

It is another app to check the Touch Sampling Rate of your Phone’s screen, along with the Multi-Touch Test as the name suggests. Just tap scroll on the screen inside the app, and it will show the number of touchpoints active, and the real-time Touch Sampling Rate.

Download Touch MultiTest

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Touch Screen Test App

As you might have noticed the above two apps, show the Touch Sampling Rate is even higher than what is mentioned on the official website. It could be happening because of two reasons, one could be because of some bug in the app, or the screen does actually support a higher Touch Sampling Rate. That’s where the Touch Screen Test App comes into play, it doesn’t display any number to confuse you, but reflects reality.

Download Touch Screen Test

You need to rapidly swipe on the screen the closer the dots appear the better and faster the Touch Sampling Rate is. The wider the gap between dots the slower the Touch Sampling Rate is on your phone. For comparison, you can try this app on two different phones.

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Wrapping Up

So this is how you can check the Touch Sampling Rate of your phone’s display. Faster Touch Sampling Rate helps to start graphics and animation earlier than a lower phone with lower Touch Sampling Rate, along with this it also gives an advantage in fast-paced action-packed games, where you need to aim and shoot, like PUBG, BGMI, Call of Duty, Free Fire, etc.

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