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4 Ways to Disable YouTube Shorts In YouTube App

Do you remember TikTok? Yeah! The app that introduced under 60 seconds shorts video to this world, and ruined it. The idea was brilliant, but it’s us the users who totally ruined it along with the platform, by creating cringy, below-the-belt content (why? because “some people” like it). As this idea made Tiktok popular every other platform copied it and integrated it into their own platform, be it Instagram Reels, Snapchat’s Spotlight, or Youtube Shorts.

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All this made the experience worse, as no matter which platform you are on, these short videos will keep haunting in front of you. What’s worse, the most popular video platform, Youtube, has been pushing it lately and replaced the explore tab, for it. If you are someone, who hates this then don’t worry we understand your concern, and are here to help get rid of this at least on Youtube.

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4 Ways to Get Rid of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Introduced YouTube Shorts in September 2020, starting with India, which later expanded to the US in March 2021, and globally in July 2021. Later in August 2021, YouTube announced the $100 Million Shorts Fund, which gave this air to this forest fire, capable enough to blow up the entire forest. Today I’ll be sharing 4 ways to save you from all this.

Remove Shorts Videos from Youtube Home

The easiest way to get rid of Shorts Video from the Home Tab is to just simply clicking the 3 dots, and marking every video as Not Interested. Repeat it till all the videos disappear, once done they won’t reappear even after refreshing the home feed.

Use YouTube in Browser

Another way to get rid of shorts videos on YouTube is to visit the YouTube website on any browser be it a mobile browser or desktop browser. As currently, the browser version of YouTube doesn’t contain the Shorts Tab.

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Downgrading the YouTube App

If your want to get rid of the Shorts Tab, which has taken the place of Explore tab in the YouTube App. This can be done by downgrading the YouTube App version to 14.12.56, or by uninstalling the App updates from phone settings:

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Go to Apps > All Apps
  • Scroll down and click on YouTube
  • Click on Uninstall Updates

This will bring back the Explore Tab next to the Home Tab, removing the Shorts Tab, all this will make the experience a lot better just like before.

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Use YouTube Vanced

The last method to get rid of YouTube Shorts is to use the Vanced version, which is a modded version of YouTube with some premium features like disabling ads, YouTube shorts, YouTube stories, and sponsored content in YouTube.

  • Download the YouTube Vanced App, and install it using APKMirror Installer App
  • Go to Settings and then Vanced Settings
  • Go to ad settings
  • Scroll down and turn on Shorts self Toggle.
  • This will disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube Home screen

Note: To disable Youtube short button itself, Go to layout settings and turn on comments location ( alpha ). This will remove the annoying Youtube button on the bottom navigation.

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With these 4 Ways, you can get rid of the shorts videos from your YouTube, making it a better YouTube experience, and enjoy regular videos for which you’ve joined the platform. What do you think about the race about short videos, for which every platform has gone mad? Do let us in the comments.

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