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5 Ways to Make Celebrities Say Anything Online in Your Voice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has improved a lot in recent years that you can make deep fake videos by swapping your face with a celebrity or creating memes. But today I’ll be sharing a few ways to make a celebrity say whatever you want them to, in your voice. It’s like playing a role-playing game but limited to only speaking as of now. Sounds interesting right? Let’s check out how to make celebrities say anything online.

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Ways to Make Any Celebrity Speak in Your Voice

There are some websites and apps that enable you to make a celebrity speak whatever you have always wished them to say. We have tested a few apps lets have a look at them.

Voicer – Celebrity Voice Changer

This app offers the voice profile of a few celebs, like Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and more. With this you can app you can apply the voice profile of the celebrity selected, on your videos, and share it on social media.

Download Voicer App

  • Launch the App on your phone
  • Choose a voice profile of a celebrity (You can also request a voice profile using the button at the bottom)
  • Click the timer button, and start recording once the timer runs ou
  • The final clip is saved to your gallery, and you can directly share the clip on Instagram.

Note: There’s a cooling period after you make some videos, or you can purchase the premium plan to remove this restriction.

Celebrity Voice Changer

This app also works in a similar fashion, but here you have the flexibility to type in the text you want to celeb, cartoon, movie, or game character to speak. Later you can download the final audio file to use it anywhere, with any video.

Download Celebrity Voice Changer

  • Launch the App on your phone
  • Choose a voice profile of a celebrity, cartoon, or game character (New profiles gets added regularly)
  • Type in the text you want the celeb, cartoon, game character to say
  • Save the audio file, you can access the file from the top and download it on your phone

Note: Most of the audio profiles are locked, and you need to buy a premium plan to access them.

Voice Changer – Super-Voice Effects

If you are a fan of superheroes, then you will definitely like this app. As you get a good collection of superheroes, villains, and more. The app’s functionality is similar to other apps mentioned above.

Download Voice Changer

  • Launch the App on your phone
  • Choose a voice profile of your favorite character
  • Speak what you want the character to speak
  • Save the audio, and share on Social Media

Note: There isn’t any premium plan on this one, however, you do get ads in the UI.

ReFace App

You must have heard of ReFace App, yeah the app lets swap your face within a famous clip of the movie, in place of the protagonist. Now, they have added a new feature that lets your favorite character actually speak in your voice.

Reface App Android  Reface App iOS

  • Launch the App on your phone
  • Go to AI tools, click on Revoice
  • Choose the clip you want to have fun with
  • Hold the record button and speak whatever you want to or play any audio on another phone
  • Here comes the best part, click on the Sync Lips Button, and let the magic happen


If you don’t want to install an app, then you can visit However, you need to upload an audio file, to make the video sync with your audio. Here too you get the feature to enable lip-syncing.

These were the top 5 apps and websites I have personally tried and tested. Go and try them out, create some awesome videos, and share them with your family and friends on social media. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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