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4 Ways to Make Deep Fake Photos, Videos, and Memes on Your Phone

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You must have seen some pictures or videos on the internet, where a person swaps his/her face with that of a famous person's or maybe an actor's face and having fun. And you must be wondering, whether that person is from a Harry Potter-like sorcery world? Or maybe the person is a master of editing? Well, there may be a chance he/she is really a pro at editing, but that's not really a Harry Potter trick. Then What is it? In modern-day it is called a Deep Fake.

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What is the meaning of Deep Fake?

Deepfakes are synthetic or edited media, in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else, in such a way that it looks real. 

Nowadays making a Deep Fake photo, video, or meme is not tough because of all the technological advancements, and to be precise Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Don't worry it is not rocket science, it is really easy can be done even with your smartphone (now don't give your phone a look). I'm not kidding, today I'll be sharing with you few ways so that you can make your own deep fake.

4 Ways to Make a Deep Fake Photo, Video, or Meme

There are various Deep Fake Apps and websites available, we have handpicked a few of them which will do the job and make your day.

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1. ReFace App

If you are a person who shares a lot of Gifs or Memes, then this app is perfect for you. It is a one-stop app for everything you need, whether it is famous scenes from Hollywood, local, or regional movies; famous images; famous videos both in landscape mode as well as 9:16 Instagram or Facebook story mode; there's also a dedicated section for Video Greeting cards. Also, you can try out a new hairstyle without going to the barber. Here's how to use it.

  • Install the Reface app
  • Click a Selfie or Choose one from your Phone
  • Browser through the ton of preloaded videos, pictures, or Gifs
  • Click on Reface
  • You can either save or share the refaced image, video, or Gif

Reface App Android  Reface App iOS

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Drawbacks of Reface App

  • It is really a time taking to find the perfect media file which will suit your face
  • There are ads within the app
  • There's a Watermark at the top left of the result
  • The app has a limited number of Refaces available (with a cooling time of 20 minutes), either you need to pay or watch ads
  • You can get the pro version to remove ads, watermark, and unlimited Refaces

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2. Jiggy App

This app might brighten up your mood, as here you can make anyone dance, in form of a gif. It comes with a good amount of presets which are divided into 15 different categories. Along with this, you can add multiple images to create a Deep fake media clip.  Here's how to use it.

  • Download the Jiggy App, and allow permission,
  • Click a picture or Choose one from your Phone,
  • Choose the template you want to add the images to,
  • Share on other platforms 

Jiggy for Android     Jiggy for iOS

Drawbacks of Jiggy App

  • The output looks cartoonish
  • Ads in the app
  • There's an option to change the background, sound, and text of the preset. But all of these are not yet available to use.
  • The premium plan is expensive compared to what the app does right now.

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3. Deep Fake Art Effects App

This app is a bit different than the two mentioned above, instead of replacing your face with someone, it applies AI to convert your images into an art piece. You can customize the effect on your images to give them a personal effect. Here's how t use it.

  • Download the Deep fake Art Effects App
  • Select a picture or click one
  • Choose the effect you want to apply
  • Adjust the effect according to your liking
  • Save or share your art

Deep Fake Art for Android   Deep Fake Art for iOS

Drawbacks of Deep Fake Art Effects

  • The AI filter might totally ruin the image if not customized
  • HD quality is supported only in the Premium plan
  • Watermark in the final output
  • Option to create own effect is only in Premium Plan.

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4. Bonus

If you don't want to download an app, then you can try the websites mentioned below. But since these websites are for research and training purposes, they require a lot of power to create a deep fake, so you need to have a powerful computer to create one.

So these are few ways to create a Deep Fake picture, video, gif with your smartphone, share them with others, and have some fun. Do let us know which app you liked more and why.

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