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Twitter Communities: How to Join, Start, Become Moderator and More

Twitter is one of the only few platforms that is saved from the TikTok style short videos (at least as of now), to attract users. Twitter has been focusing on multiple ways to increase interaction and community, like Spaces, Twitter for Professionals, and more. Now, Twitter announced two new features, one of which is communities and the other one is NFT profile pictures. Here we’ll be talking about Twitter communities.

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What are Twitter Communities?

Twitter Communities is a dedicated place for people to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most. It’s like Facebook groups, or Reddit forums, where like-minded people. Earlier it was under testing with a limited set of users, but now everyone can access Twitter Communities, on iOS, Android, and Web.

Tweets in Communities can be seen by anyone on Twitter, but only others within the Community itself can engage and participate in the discussion. Communities are started and managed by people on Twitter, admins and moderators set the rules for a community.

Note: You need to update your Twitter app to the latest version, and the community tab will appear on the bottom bar once you’ve become part of at least one community.

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How to Join A Community?

There are two types of communities on Twitter:

  • Open Communities, and
  • Invite only Communities

Open Communities

You can join an open community without an invite. On  Communities with open membership, you can tap or click on the Join button at the top of the Community’s page below the Community’s name. Here are some open Twitter Communities you can join.

Invite Only Communities

These communities are not open, in order to join you will need to be invited into the Community by a moderator or another member. Once a person becomes a member of a community, they will receive five (5) invitations to invite more members.

Note: Surprisingly there’s no way to search a community on Twitter as of now. I hope if someone from Twitter is reading this article, then they’ll add it soon.

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How to Tweet Inside Community and See Community Tweets?

The process to tweet inside a community is the same as posting a regular tweet, you just need to change the toggle at the top next to your profile picture. Tweets inside a community are different from your main tweets, as:

  • Community tweets will not be sent to your followers’ Home timelines.
  • All Community Tweets (including Quote Tweets) will be visible within the Community, as well as injected into the Home timelines of members.
  • Community Tweets are not shown on your Twitter profile.

You can see community tweets by visiting the communities tab, it will have tweets from all the communities you are part of. Or you can also navigate directly into a Community page in order to see a timeline specific to that Community.

How to Leave a Community or Got Removed By Moderator?

Any member can leave the Community by visiting the Community Page, and clicking the Leave button. If later you change your mind, you can rejoin the community using the original invite code. Moderators may also remove any member from the Community for breaking any of the Community rules.

Why Am I Not Allowed to Join a Community?

If you block a moderator, then your account will not be allowed to join the Community. If you are already a member, then you will be removed from the Community. This is to ensure Moderators can see all Community Tweets.

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How to Become A Moderator, and What are the Roles of A Moderator?

An admin is the owner of a Community. They have the right to choose moderators to help with community asks. An Admin’s duties may include keeping conversations safe and on track, reviewing member reports, hiding member Tweets, or removing disruptive members from the Community. They may also choose moderators to help with these tasks.

While a Moderator has the following roles to play:

  • Inviting & managing members
  • Administering Community rules
  • Managing Tweets
  • Generating discussion

There is no limit on the number of moderators in a community. A Moderator can invite multiple members, without any limit. In order to Become An Admin or a Moderator you need to meet these requirements:

  • Twitter account must be public (not protected; if an account gets switched to protected, it will lose moderator privileges)
  • Twitter account must be at least six months old.
  • Twitter account must have verified either an email address or a phone number.
  • Twitter account must have two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on at all times.
  • Twitter account must not violate, or have a history of violating, the Twitter Terms of Service.

Note: Twitter does have the right to, take the following action, if you breach any violate any of Twitter’s policies:

  • Pause your participation as a moderator in Communities.
  • Remove you from Communities.

How to Start a Community of Your Own?

If you want to start a community of your own, then you can fill up this form, and let Twitter know what kind of community you would like to have. As of now, you can’t start a community instantly, only Twitter can create communities.How to Establish a Strong Community in an Online Course - The FLTMAG

Wrapping Up

So this was all about Twitter Communities. Twitter is also exploring a “request to join” option for communities, so groups can more closely monitor who joins a community. Alongside this new option, Twitter is also planning to test a ranked timeline that will show top tweets from a community, ways for mods to highlight content in the community, and methods for QnAs to be held with mods or members. Stay tuned for more tech guides.

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