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How to Trim, Merge Videos, and Apply Filters on Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO Phones

Xiaomi‘s MIUI gets a lot of praise due to the lots of features baked right into it, for example, the amazing camera features like Vlog mode, Sky replacement feature, and more. Similarly, we do get a couple of features for editing videos as well, right from our phone running on MIUI. This allows us to shoot videos on the go using the inbuilt video modes in the camera app, and then edit the videos on the go. Let’s have a look at the editing features MIUI offers.

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Trim & Merge Videos in MIUI

Launch the gallery app on your Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO phone, and open the video clip you want to trim:

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Drag the bars at either end of the clip to trim out the video

Note: Currently MIUI gallery doesn’t allow to merge of multiple videos, however, you can use third-party services like Inshot, Canva, etc to merge videos. We hope to see an option to merge videos right from the MIUI Gallery app in the future.

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Change Speed Of Videos in MIUI

There’s an option to change the speed of your videos, right from the MIUI gallery app, open the video clip you want to change the speed of:

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Tap the speed icon located on the right side of the screen.
  • You can change the speed of the video from 0.25X to 3.0X.

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Apply Filters to Video in MIUI

The MIUI Gallery app also allows applying filters to your video, open the video you want to apply the filter:

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Switch to the Filters tab, from the bottom toolbar
  • Tap on the filter to apply to your video.
  • Scroll the bar to adjust the intensity of the filter.

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Add Captions to Video in MIUI

You can add a personal touch to your videos, by adding a caption to your videos. The MIUI gallery app does offer an option to add captions. Open the video you want to add a caption to:

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Switch to the Captions tab, from the bottom toolbar
  • Choose the caption type that matches your video, some captions are even customizable, you can tap on the edit button to type in your text.
  • You can choose to place the caption either at the opening frame or at the closing frame of the video.

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Add Music to Video in MIUI

To make your video more enjoyable, and engaging you can add music to your video, from the MIUI gallery app. Open the video you want to add music to:

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Switch to the Soundtracks tab, from the bottom toolbar.
  • You can either add your own music from the local storage of your phone or choose the music suggestions available in the MIUI gallery app.

Change Aspect Ratio of Video in MIUI

If you have recorded the video in the wrong aspect ratio, and it doesn’t fit properly when sharing it on various social platforms. Then you can adjust the aspect ratio of the video from the MIUI Gallery App.

  • Click the edit icon (Scissors)
  • Switch to the Aspect Ratio tab, from the bottom toolbar
  • You can change the aspect ratio of your video and save the clip.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can edit, trim, apply filters, personalize it with a custom caption, add a music track, or even change the aspect ratio, on the go, right from your MIUI powered phone. With these tools, you might not even require to use professional tools to post high-quality videos on your social handles. Do note as of now MIUI gallery does not allow merging multiple videos. Stay tuned for more such tech tips and tricks.

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