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[Working] 6 Ways to Find Hidden Cameras Using Android or iPhone

Are you suspicious of someone spying on you with secret cameras? Do you wish to find hidden cameras around you? Worry not, we got your back. We have listed six effective methods to find hidden cameras using your Android phone or iPhone in this read. Meanwhile, you can also learn to increase your smartphone security.

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How to Find Hidden Cameras Using Android or iPhone

Method 1- Use Camera to Detect Hidden Camera

Find Hidden Cameras Using Android iPhone

One of the quickest methods to instantly detect a hidden camera around you is to use the native camera app on your smartphone. It is based on the fact that most hidden cameras emit infrared light (like TV Remotes), which is not visible to the naked human eye but can be detected by smartphone cameras.

Though most smartphone cameras can detect infrared light, some back cameras are equipped with Infrared filters that prevent their detection. In such a situation, you can use the front camera of your smartphone to detect the hidden camera.

1. Open the Camera app on your Android or iPhone and scan the area around you.

Find Hidden Cameras Using Android iPhone Camera

2. If you notice a continuous or blinking bright-whitish light source, inspect the place to find any hidden cameras.

Find Hidden Cameras Using Android iPhone Camera

Method 2- Check WiFi Network List for Suspicious Unknown Devices

Since most hidden cameras are not very expensive or high-end, they rely mostly on WiFi networks to connect themselves. You can use this to your advantage as follows:

1. Open Settings on your Android/iPhone and tap on the WiFi option to detect all nearby connections.

2. Notice the presence of any oddly-named WiFi device or connection by roaming around the suspected area.

It may not necessarily be a hidden camera Wifi network, but you’ll get the confirmation as you move along with the methods.

Method 3- Make a Phone Call

Another easy method to detect any unidentified or hidden camera around you is with the help of a phone call. Follow these steps to identify the presence of any hidden camera/ unidentified device using this method.

1. Make a normal phone call to anyone using your Android phone or iPhone and move around in the room.

2. If you detect any interruptions during your phone calls, such as buzzing or crackling sound, it is most likely to be caused by interference from electrical equipment such as cameras or other electronic devices.

3. Observe the area in which you are getting the most interruptions and inspect it thoroughly for the presence of any hidden cameras.

Method 4- Use Free Third-Party Apps to Detect Hidden Cameras

There are many free Android and paid iOS apps that claim to detect hidden cameras around you using them. One such free working Android app goes by the name of Hidden Camera Detector, through which you can easily detect and identify nearby hidden cameras.

1. Open Google Play Store and install the Hidden Camera Detector app on your Android phone.

2. Alternatively, you can search for similar paid apps on the Apple app store that claim to detect hidden cameras.

3. Open the app and tap on the Detect Infrared Camera option to detect cameras around you emitting infrared lights.

4. Move the device’s camera around you to detect any blinking green/blue light. If you see one, it is most probably emitted by an infrared light-emitting source such as a hidden camera, TV remotes, etc.

5. Similarly, you can also explore different detection methods such as wired or wireless mode to identify similar devices around you.

Method 5- Find Hidden Cameras Around You With Phone’s Flashlight

Another nifty trick to finding a hidden camera around you is through the help of your device’s flashlight. Follow these easy steps for hidden camera detection.

1. Scroll down the notification panel and tap on the Flashlight toggle to turn it on.

2. Alternatively, you can long-press the Flashlight toggle on your iPhone’s lock screen to turn it on.

3. Now, move around your phone and inspect objects reflecting light. Objects like the Camera lenses instantly reflect light.

Method 6- Buy a Professional Equipment to Find Hidden Cameras

Another reliable method to find hidden cameras around you is to detect them with the help of professional equipment. There are lots of reliable anti-spy equipment available online through which you can conveniently detect all sorts of hidden cameras and other scanners.

Other Tips to Find Hidden Cameras in a Room

Method 1- Switch Off All the Lights

Find Hidden Cameras in Room

Another easy method to detect hidden cameras in a room is to darken the room by switching off all the lights and curtains. Next, you need to observe and inspect for any blinking light to determine the presence of any camera.

Method 2- Check for Hidden Cameras Behind a Mirror

Find Hidden Cameras Behind Mirror

If you suspect a two-way mirror or the presence of a camera behind the mirror, then you should give it a fingernail test.

1. Place your fingernail against the mirror and notice the gap between your finger and its reflection. If there’s a gap between the two, it is an ordinary mirror. But if your finger touches the reflection directly, then there are chances that the mirror is two-way.

2. Place your phone’s flashlight close to the mirror to observe it carefully. If it is a two-way mirror, you can see two mirror edges separately.

What to Do After Spotting a Spy Hidden Camera?

Now that you’ve successfully detected a hidden camera around you, be it in a hotel room or a private place, using the above-listed methods, it is time for you to follow some mandatory steps to ensure your safety.

1. Take a photo of the evidence and immediately communicate it to the police or higher legal authorities.

2. Avoid touching the hidden camera to allow legal authorities to take fingerprint samples from the evidence.

3. Collect all your belongings and get away from the viewing angle of the discovered hidden camera.

4. Cover the camera with a cloth so that it can no longer see around.

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Wrapping Up: Track Down the Spying Eyes

So, that’s a wrap for the top methods to find hidden cameras using your Android Phone or iPhone. If this quick guide has helped you ensure and safeguard your privacy, then hit the Like button and share this read among your friends to make them aware of these effective methods. Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping guides.


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