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[Working] 5 Ways to Hide Facebook Junk, Sponsored Post, Game Spam, Suggested Pages

Gone are the days when Facebook used to be the most interesting platform to connect with people. The Facebook news feed is filled with useless content such as sponsored posts, ads, spam games, suggested pages, and cumbersome videos. Thankfully, you can clear the clutter and see only what’s important in your feed using extensions. Here are different methods to hide junk and sponsored posts, spam, and suggested pages from your Facebook feed.

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Hide Junk, Sponsored Posts, Spam, and Suggested Pages from Facebook News Feed

Since the native Facebook settings are not effective enough to clean your Facebook newsfeed, you can use Chrome extensions to remove junk posts and suggestions. These extensions work effectively on Chrome, Edge, and Brave browser.

Social Fixer for Facebook

  • Blocks on Facebook: Sponsored Posts, Suggestions, Game Requests, Event Reminders, Ads, etc.

This is among the most popular extensions that you can use to filter your Facebook newsfeed and hide things that you don’t wish to see. It offers several pre-defined filters for hiding/removing the following:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Suggested posts
  • Game/App tabs
  • Saved Posts Reminder
  • Advertisements
  • Wordle, and many more

Hide Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggested PagesIn addition to the pre-defined filters, you can also create custom filters to hide or remove useless content appearing on your news feed. You can install this extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the app launches itself automatically to filter unnecessary content.

Hide Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggested Pages

You can adjust other pre-defined settings such as appearance and display tweaks by clicking on the wrench icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page.

Hide Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggested Pages

F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity

  • Blocks on Facebook: Sponsored Posts, Suggestions, Stories, Rooms, People You May Know, Game+App requests, and Auto Tag Suggestions.

Another effective extension to completely customize and filter out the Facebook junk feed is through the help of the F.B. Purity. This tool claims to hide all the advertisements, game spam, sponsored posts, etc., to provide a clutter-free environment.

Remove Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggestions Game Requests

Once installed, you will see a separate FBP icon to filter out the unuseful content on Facebook.

Hide Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggestions Game Requests

This extension works well for removing the following:

  • Sponsored Box/Posts
  • Game+App Posts
  • Stories
  • Rooms
  • People You May Know
  • Auto tag Suggestions and many more

In addition to these pre-defined check filters, you can enter a specific keyword or phrase that you wish to block and hide on your Facebook timeline. This can be useful for those who wish to hide posts related to certain political groups, movies, any viral news, etc.

Hide Keyword Posts from Facebook Feed

This tool also lets you filter your timeline based on various Post Types such as Shared Memory, Polls, Notes, Tagged in this alerts, etc. Once configured, tap on the Save changes button to reload and view your desired Facebook timeline.

Hide Facebook Sponsored Posts Suggestions Game Requests

Tracking & Ad Removal for Facebook

  • Blocks on Facebook: External Links, Inline videos, advertisements, Sponsored Content, and Timeline Suggestions.

This extension does exactly what its name state. Using this tool, you can remove ads and user interaction content that often clutters your Facebook timeline. You can download and install this extension to your Google Chrome browser for an enhanced Facebook browsing experience.

Block Tracking on FacebookIt blocks the following content on your Facebook newsfeed:

  • Tracking from External Links
  • Inline videos
  • Sponsored Articles, including Suggested Posts
  • Timeline Suggestions such as People You May Know

You can also choose to either hide or remove posts based on your selected filters.

QCLean to Remove Facebook Suggested Pages & Posts

  • Blocks on Facebook: Advertisements, Sponsored Content, Right-Panel Context, and Recommended Games

QCLean is an open-source web browser extension that effectively hides and removes all ads, sponsored posts, and recommended games on your Facebook newsfeed to provide a clean distraction-free environment. You can download and install this extension from the Chrome web store.

Once installed, the extension gets automatically enabled when you open your Facebook account on a new tab. To configure this extension, click on it and press the QCLean Settings option.

This extension helps you to hide the following content. You can also see this tool in action by turning on the Debug mode to highlight the hidden content.

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Right Panel Content containing friend requests, people you may know, and events.
  • Recommended Games

AdBlocker for Facebook

  • Blocks on Facebook: Advertisements and Sponsored Posts.

If you don’t wish to get rid of suggestions but somehow want to block unnecessary ads on your Facebook newsfeed, this extension will be perfect. You can download and install this extension in your web browser to hide all the ads and sponsored content.

Once installed, the Adblocker turns on automatically to block and hide the following:

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored Posts

In addition to Facebook, this tool also works on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, etc.

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Wrapping Up: Remove Junk from Facebook Feed

That’s all for the top ways to filter and hide useless Facebook junk, suggested posts or pages, ads, and more from the news feed using Chrome extensions. If this effective guide has helped you to make your browsing time productive and distraction-free on Facebook, then spread the word among your friends and let us know your favorite extension in the comments below. Stay tuned for more awesome reads.


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