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Top 5 Ways To Create Private Poll For Friends and Family Online

Polls are a great way to know and understand people’s opinions about a product, thing, or even a notion and help to increase engagement to generate better results. If you aim at creating a private poll for your friends and family, you can create one using free online tools. In this read, we have discussed 5 effective online tools to create a private poll for friends and family. Meanwhile, you can also learn how to share paid apps with friends & family for free.

Ways To Create Private Poll For Friends and Family Online


NetPoll is one of the easiest and most effective online tools to create and share a private poll within a few clicks. It provides a simple yet elegant look to your poll to make it look more interesting for collecting votes. In addition, users can install their progressive web app from the website to run NetPoll just like an app. Here’s how you can use this tool to your advantage:

1. Open NetPoll on your web browser and click on the three-bar icon at the top-right corner.

2. Click on the Login button to create a new account and sign in to create your own private poll.

3. Next, click on the Create button at the top after successfully signing in to your account to start creating a poll.

4. Enter the poll details such as the poll question and options associated with it.

5. To make this poll private, click on the Category icon and set it to Private.

6. You also have the option to add images and choose your desired font by clicking on their respective icons under the category icon.

7. Once completed, click on the Create button to publish your private poll.

8. To share this poll with your friends and family, click on the copy button at the bottom to copy the entire link for sharing. You can also click on different social media icons to directly share this poll with your loved ones.

9. Upon successful creation, you can view your published poll on your account and view its current status.

10. To view the results of your shared private poll, click on the Result icon to display it.

That’s it. You’ve successfully created your own private poll using NetPoll.


  • Completely Free.
  • Unlimited Polls and Votes.
  • Share and Embed Poll Links without Extra Charges.
  • Allows Scheduling an End Date for the Poll.
  • Offers Text and Image Customizations.


  • Requires a Sign-Up.

Easy Polls

Easy Poll is another free tool to create private online polls accessible on all kinds of devices. This tool offers you a professional workspace where you can create, edit, and control your published polls from a single window. Here’s how you create one for yourself using this online tool.

1. Access Easy Polls on your web browser and click on the Profile icon at the top-right corner to sign in with a new account.

2. Click on the Edit Polls button in the left sidebar to start creating a new private poll.

3. Enter your poll details such as the poll question and associated options for voting. You can also preview your created poll in real-time in the preview panel.

4. To customize the available options associated with the poll, click on the Options button.

5. You can also make your poll look more tempting by changing its theme from the Themes tab.

6. Once configured, click on the Save button at the bottom to publish your poll.

7. You can share this created private poll using the share link or click on different social media icons to share it instantly with your friends and family.

8. To view the results of your shared poll, navigate to the My Polls option in the left sidebar and click on your created poll to view associated options.

9. Next, click on the Reports icon to view the results of your created poll.


  • Absolutely free with no hidden charges.
  • Unlimited Polls and Votes.
  • Customizable Poll Options with the ability to change its look and feel.
  • Offers control options over poll votes.


  • Requires a Sign-Up.
  • Shows Advertisements on created polls.
  • Exporting Poll data feature is limited to Premium users only.


Ferendum is another popular online voting system and poll-generating tool which you can use for conducting quick polls without any registration. This tool also offers you the feature to create anonymous polls to share across various social networking websites and blogs. Here’s how you can use this tool to your advantage.

1. Access the Ferendum poll creator website on your web browser and enter details of your poll such as the poll question and its related options.

2. Set the poll visibility to Private under the Configuration section and press the Show Advanced Configuration button to configure additional poll options to your preference.

3. Once completed, check the terms and conditions checkbox and press the Create Poll/Survey button to generate your private poll.

4. Press the Finish button to save changes.

5. You can now share the created poll with your friends and family by copying the link under the Participation Link section. Additionally, you can share your poll via the displayed QR Code and social handles below the participation link.

6. To view results and administer this poll, click on the Administration link at the bottom of this page where you can view all the votes gathered by your created poll.


  • Free and doesn’t require any registration.
  • No limits on Polls and Responses.
  • You can create public, private, or even anonymous polls with it.


  • Shows advertisements on created polls.


Poll Maker is another nifty tool to create free polls and online surveys with just a few taps. Follow these easy steps to create a private poll using this method.

1. Open a new tab on your web browser and access the Poll-Maker website.

2. Enter your poll question and related answers in the required fields and click on the Themes tab to configure its look and feel.

3. Further, navigate to the Settings tab to configure other options such as security response, multiple options, etc., and press the Create Poll button to publish your own private poll.

4. You can now share your poll by clicking on the Copy button to copy the poll link. Alternatively, you can press various social media icons to share them instantly with your friends and family.

5. To view the poll results, click on the Results option in the left sidebar to access it.

6. You can either choose to view poll results in the form of charts or export it to your system in an excel sheet by pressing the Export button.


  • Create Instant Polls with the help of the Poll Window.
  • Customize Polls with Themes.
  • Export Poll Results to your System for free as a CSV file.


  • Limited to 3 Polls per day.
  • Poll responses are limited to 5,000.
  • You can’t schedule polls using this tool.
  • Displays advertisements on created polls.

Bonus Tip: Use WhatsApp Group Polls and Community Features

If you don’t wish to deal with the hassle of manually creating polls and surveys using free online tools, then you can create one using your WhatsApp account. You can use this feature to quickly get an opinion from other people using your created group poll on WhatsApp. Follow this detailed read to learn more about using WhatsApp group Polls and community features.

Wrapping Up: Get those Votes Pouring In

We hope that you’ve now learned to easily create a private poll for your loved ones using the online tools listed above. If this detailed guide has assisted you in getting valuable feedback from your friends and family, then hit the Like button and share this with your loved ones who might have no clue to create an online poll. Stay tuned for more helping guides.

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