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2 Ways to View WhatsApp Status from Chat List

WhatsApp has always been in the limelight for constantly rolling out new features to refine its user experience. The Meta-owned company is now planning to allow users to view new status updates straight from their chat list just like Instagram. While this feature is currently being tested with selective beta users, it might hit your devices in the coming days. With that being said, let’s look at how you can view WhatsApp status from the chat list, without waiting for the feature. Furthermore, you can learn how to hide WhatsApp status from specific contacts.

WhatsApp Status from Chat

How to View WhatsApp Status from Chat List

Similar to Instagram stories, the upcoming WhatsApp update will soon allow you to view status from your chat list. This would make the overall experience snappier by reducing the time spent navigating to the status tab. So, without further ado, let’s have a detailed look at the steps involved in viewing WhatsApp status updates on your device.

View WhatsApp Status From Chat List

The upcoming feature is majorly inspired by Instagram where you can view anyone’s status straight from your chat list by tapping on their respective profile icon. The beta users have reported the presence of a green status ring (on Android) and a blue status ring (on iOS) indicating a new status upload from your contact. You can tap on it directly to view the associated status update. While the feature is still under development, you can experience it by enrolling in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.

Use Facebook Messenger to View WhatsApp Status

The cross-app structure of Facebook enables you to directly post a WhatsApp status on Facebook story using the in-app features. Once it is posted, you can view the uploaded WhatsApp status update from a Facebook chat list using Messenger. Here’s how:

1. For this method to work, it is mandatory that the user whose WhatsApp status you wish to view must have shared it as a Facebook story using the ‘Share to Facebook feature’ on WhatsApp.

2. Now, launch the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and tap on the profile icon to view the WhatsApp status.

Bonus Tip: View and Download WhatsApp Status using Third-Party Apps

Besides WhatsApp, there are lots of different third-party apps that offer to view and download status updates without accessing the chat list. The Status Saver app is one such remarkable Android app that helps to achieve the same. Here’s how you can use this app to your advantage:

1. First, install the Status Saver app from Google Play Store and provide the necessary app access permissions to it.

2. You can now view all the images and video statuses linked to your Whatsapp account.

3. Finally, Tap on any status to conveniently download it to your device.


Q: How to view WhatsApp Status without them knowing?

A: You can follow our detailed guide to view Someone’s WhatsApp Status without them knowing’ to achieve the same.

Q: How to download WhatsApp Status to your smartphone?

A: You can use the Status Saver app on your smartphone (as listed above) to conveniently download any status to your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all on the new feature update of WhatsApp to view status from the comfort of your chat list. If you find this guide interesting, then hit the Like button and share it with your friends to make them aware of the upcoming WhatsApp feature roll-out. As always, subscribe to GadgetsToUse and stay tuned for more interesting tips and tricks.

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