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3 Ways to Find Any New Meme Template on Reddit

Memes are a big part of Reddit and there are hundreds of subreddits where you can share or surf memes. To make memes and to make sure that its relevant to the community, you need to stay updated with the latest meme templates. Here, I am going to tell you three ways you can find new meme templates to make memes and earn that juicy karma on Reddit. Meanwhile, you can find the Best Reddit Apps for Android (2023).

 Find Any New Meme Template on Reddit

How to Find Any New Meme Template on Reddit

There are millions of lurkers on Reddit who only surf and upvote the posts. And if you don’t want to be one of them anymore then it’s time to come out with the latest memes. You have hundreds of subreddits to find the latest meme templates and there are some apps that let you do that. Let’s check out these ways in detail.

Method 1- Search Meme Templates in Subreddits

Reddit has hundreds of amazing subreddits where users share meme templates and you can find all types of templates here. You can search from hundreds of thousands of meme templates already shared here. You can filter the sub using the flairs so it will be easy to surf the templates and download the one you like.

Here are some of the most popular subreddits to search for meme templates:

  • r/MemeTemplatesOfficial
  • r/DesiMemeTemplates
  • r/IndianMemeTemplates
  • r/meme_templates

Here’s how it works:

1. Open the Reddit website on any browser.

2. Search for any of the subreddits listed above.

Find New Meme Template on Reddit

3. Once you are in that subreddit, search for the desired template. Use exact keywords about that template and hope for the best.

Find New Meme Template on Reddit

4. You will find a lot of search results related to that keyword. When you see a template you want, click on the image to open it in a new tab.

Find New Meme Template on Reddit

5. From here you can right-click the image and tap Save Image as to download it on your computer.

These are the biggest communities where you can find hundreds of templates for your memes. If you still cannot find that specific meme template that you want then move on to the next method.

Method 2- Post a Request for Meme Template

There is a slight chance that you don’t find a perfect template to crate your meme you can create a request post. All the subreddits listed in the method above also accepts request post. You can create a post on those subreddits using the right flair to create a request post, as shown below.

1. Open the Reddit website on any browser and navigate to the desired template subreddit.

2. Click on the Create Post text field to open the post editor.

3. Give your post a title and write your request in the text field below. You can also share a meme image to request that template.

4. Click on Flair and select the Request flair (if available, else choose whichever is relevant) from the list.

5. Finally, post the request using the Post button.

Important: Some subreddits have some strict rules about post creation so make sure you read them before creating a new post.

Normally, it doesn’t take much time till your request gets fulfilled in the comments. It also depends on how popular and active that particular subreddit is. The communities listed above are very active and it won’t take much time till you get what you requested.

Method 3- Use a Meme Maker App

If you are in search of classic templates then you can download an app to get all the meme templates you need. The app called Sandstorm comes with prebuilt classic templates that you can easily search for and even edit right there to create a funny meme.

1. Install Sandstorm: Meme Maker app from the Google Play Store on your phone.

2. Launch the app and you’ll see a list of meme templates to choose from.

3. Use the search bar to search for a specific meme template.

4. Once you tap on the template, it will open in the editor. Here you can add text, and stickers and can even doodle on that template.

5. Once you are done creating the meme, you can save it on your phone’s gallery.

There are hundreds of other meme creator apps available for Android and iPhone. If interested, you can check our detailed guide to creating memes on your phone.

Bonus- Find Meme Template With Google Lens

Find Meme Template With Google Lens

Apart from the methods above, you can also use Google Lens to directly find what a particular meme is called and even download its template from the web. You can use the Google Lens feature on your Android phone or Search with Lens in Chrome to scan and search the meme on the internet.

Wrapping up

These were the best methods for you to find the new meme templates to create the funniest memes and gain lots of karma on Reddit. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out via email or Twitter. Anyways, Happy meme-ing.

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