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10 Best Alexa Enabled Home Products to Buy (US and India)

If you wonder, had there been more than 24 hours in a day? So you could perform a wider range of tasks, then this buying guide is going to be useful for you. As we are going to discuss some must-have Alexa-enabled products that can make your home automated and life easier than ever before. Meanwhile, you can also check our previous buying guide on the best Smart IR Remotes to control your smart devices.

Best Alexa-Powered Devices to Automate Your Home

Alexa (Amazon‘s Virtual Assistant) is found in a myriad of devices including your phone, laptop, echo dot, TV, lights, door locks, and many more. It works on a Polish speech synthesizer named “Ivona” which can listen to speech and respond accordingly. Let’s find out what are some exciting Alexa-enabled products newly available in the market.

Best Alexa-Enabled Products to Buy in the US

We have picked up some exciting Alexa-enabled products available in the US market, which can make your Black Friday sale and Christmas week even more happening. Follow the items mentioned below and choose your favorite from the list.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro

The first product on the list is Alexa Voice Remote Pro, which includes handy features such as:

  • Remote finder to find your lost remote, by just saying “Alexa, find my remote”.
  • Backlit buttons to help during your movie nights.
  • Customizable buttons to create your own shortcut for favorite channels, apps, or any Alexa commands.
  • Quick Haeadphone pairing with a dedicated headphone button.
  • Access to Alexa voice to find your shows, open apps, manage volume, and even control compatible smart home devices.

The Alexa Voice Remote is not compatible with:

  • Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen),
  • Fire TV Stick (1st Gen),
  • Element Fire TV Edition,
  • Insignia HD/Insignia FHD, or Hisense U6HF 4K ULED Fire TV Series.

So if your device does not fall under the above-mentioned list you can surely order this amazing product using the link attached below.

Price:  USD $34.99

Best Buy Link: Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Echo Dot (5th Gen) 

The Echo dot (5th Gen) launched in 2022 offers stunning features, like:

  • Voice commands to turn on/off the Alexa-enabled AC or Fan.
  • Music control, stop a timer or snooze an alarm with a simple tap.
  • Dedicated Mic Off button for privacy controls
  • Built-in Eero support
  • Improved audio experience

Alexa enabled products

Price:  USD $49.99

Best Buy Link: Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release)

Amazon Astro: A Household Robot

Astro is a household robot that moves around the house and shows a vision of all rooms when you are away. With the help of advanced learning algorithms and sensor fusion Astro can keep a safe distance from people, pets, and stairs so that you don’t have to worry about any collision. It can also self-charge at the dock, follow you around the home, play your favorite music, podcasts, or shows, and deliver calls, reminders, alarms, and timers set with Alexa.

Alexa enabled products

There are limited quantities available, and you can request the product and wait for your turn to get it.

Price:  USD $999

Best Buy Link: Amazon Astro: A Household Robot

Fire TV Cube

The new Fire Tv Cube comes with an automation feature that can take it up a notch. There’s HDMI input and output to automate things like a cable box, changing the channel with voice, or setting up a custom action to do this automatically.

Price:  USD $139.99

Best Buy Link: Fire TV Cube

Halo Rise

The Alexa-enabled product in the list will help you get data about sleeping habits. It’s called the Halo Rise, the reason it got my attention is that you can run automation when you go to bed at night. It uses a RADAR sensor to know you are in bed and tracks your sleep. You can also use it to gradually turn on the light as an alarm to wake you up.

Alexa enabled products

Price:  USD $139.99

Best Buy Link:  Halo Rise

Best Alexa-Enabled Products to Buy in India

With the rapid advancements in tech and the land of festivals like Diwali. We keep on planning and researching to buy some efficient, time-saving, affordable, and smart devices for the home. Below are some Alexa-enabled products, available in India you can buy for yourself or gift to someone.

Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb 

The Wipro LED 12.5W bulb supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. It comes with up to 16 million different shades to sync with the music playback in your room. You can switch between Warm, Neutral, or cool colors to create a nice ambiance as per the occasion, The Wipro next smart home app helps to connect the bulb to your phone and enjoy all the features.

Alexa enabled products

Price: INR 699

Best Buy Link: Wipro B22 12.5W Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

Amazon Smart Plug

If you own an echo then this smart plug should be at the top of your priority list. This sleek wi-fi connected Alexa accessory plugs into a wall outlet to power your appliances and devices. Its plug-and-play setup is easy and Alexa automatically detects if it is online. Once connected, you can ask your smart assistant to control the power of your appliances, schedule them automatically and control them when you are not at home.

Alexa enabled products

Amazon Smart Plug supports a maximum load of 6A and it should not be used with heavy appliances such as AC, Geysers, or Water Heater. Doing so might result in appliance and Plug failure. If you want a similar smart plug for devices with heavy loads you can also look up for Wipro 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug 

Price: INR 999.00 (Amazon Smart Plug 6A), INR 949(Wipro Smart Plug 16A)

Best Buy Link: Amazon Smart Plug 6A, Wipro Smart Plug 16A

Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera

This wi-fi smart security camera not only offers attractive features like up to 1296p video quality, night vision up to 30ft, Sound and Light Alarm, and two-way Audio voice control but also works with Alexa by combining with an Alexa-enabled display. It has some special features such as Local Recording, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Image Sensor, Frame Rate, Motion Sensor, etc. You can order this device in 4 different variants depending on your preference.

  • 2mp 1080p High Resolution
  • 2mp 1080p High Resolution Pan/Tilt
  • 3mp 1296p Ultra High Resolution
  • 3mp 1296p Ultra High Resolution Pan/Tilt

Price: INR

Best Buy Link: Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo Show is a smart speaker featuring a touchscreen, to display visual information, play video content and conduct video calls with other Echo Show users. The video call feature is now integrated and is no longer limited to Echo Show users. Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) with Alexa is an upgraded variant of the Echo show with an improved camera. You can control Echo Show 8 using only your voice either in English or Hindi. The salient features of Echo Show 8 are as follows:

Alexa enabled products

  • Make Video calls using an improved and upgraded 13mp camera with auto framing
  • Remotely monitors your home with a built-in camera
  • Smart home: make your home smart with Alexa and use voice to control lights, geysers, TV, ACs, security cameras,  and more.
  • Comes with a mic-off button and a built-in camera cover to ensure your privacy.

Price: INR 7,499

Best Buy Link: Amazon Echo Show

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock For Home (4th Gen)

The August Wi-Fi smart lock is compatible with most deadbolts, to convert any door into an integral part of a connected home setup. It comes with a convenient geofencing feature that automatically locks the door when you and your mobile phone leave a specific area. The mobile app allows you to manage access to the lock, check usage history and receive a notification when someone opens the door. With an Alexa speaker, you can ask the assistant to unlock the door without getting up from the couch. This 4th gen smart lock is 45% smaller than its predecessors, and blends in better with your home decor.

Alexa enabled products

Price:  INR 31,391

Best Buy Link: Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Newest Model 4th Gen)

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best Alexa-enabled products to buy in India and US this festive season. We have included options in different price brackets to fit everyone’s requirements. I hope you found this useful if you did share it with someone who is looking to buy an Alexa-enabled smart device. Check out other useful articles linked below, and stay tuned for more such buying guides, tech tips, and how-tos.

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