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3 Ways to Create a Telegram Account Without a SIM Card

Telegram is not just an ordinary messaging platform, but it also packs a punch of privacy features. The ability to hide numbers from anyone and everyone is considered to be the best one. But did you know you can even create a Telegram account without a SIM card or an actual mobile number?

Creating a Telegram Account Without number.

Yes, that’s right. This article will discuss three methods for creating a Telegram account without a phone number. This will not only enhance your privacy but also keep you anonymous, which will, in turn, keep you away from scams and spam on Telegram.

How Do I Create a Telegram Account Without a Number?

You can use three methods to create a Telegram account without an actual number or a SIM card. These methods are simple and easy to follow. Let’s take a look at them and get your Telegram Account set up in no time without a phone number or SIM card.

Method 1 – Get a Number From Fragment

Telegram has officially announced that users can now create an account using anonymous numbers from Fragment without SIM cards. Here’s how to create a Telegram account using such a virtual number.

First, you need to buy a number from Fragments Marketplace. Once you’ve done this, follow the procedure to create an account without a SIM card or an actual mobile number.

1. Install Telegram messenger (Android, iOS) and tap “Start Messaging.”

2. Here, type the “+888” as the country code.

3. Enter your Fragment number when the anonymous number tag appears in the country field.

4. Thereafter, you will get a confirmation code on your TON wallet app.

Note: TON Wallet is an app that allows you to store usernames and numbers bought from the Fragments.

5. Your confirmation code will be fetched in Telegram automatically; if not, you can manually type the code.

This is it. You can use this Telegram account just as you would any other Telegram account and chat with anyone by invite or by sharing your user name.

Method 2 – Create an Account Using a Disposable Number

Now, if you cannot purchase from Fragment, you can even use a disposable number available for free online from sites such as SMSnator. This will prevent you from using your actual number and will get your Telegram account created in a snap. Let’s see how:

1. Open Telegram messenger and tap “Start Messenging.”

2. Enter the country code of the disposable number you will use from SMSNator.

3. Once you select the country, enter the number and tap “Next.”

That’s all. Now, enter your details and enjoy your anonymous Telegram account, which you can create without using your SIM or phone number. But that’s not all; we still have one more trick to have a Telegram account without a visible phone number.

Method 3 – Hide Your Number

This method won’t let you create an account without your phone number per se, but you can go entirely incognito on Telegram after creating the account using your phone number. Let’s look at how to go anonymous and hide your phone number after creating your account.

1. Go to “Settings” in your Telegram app.

Settings highlighted in red.

2. Inside settings, scroll down and tap “Privacy and Security.”

Privacy and Security highlighted in red under Telegram settings.

3. Here, scroll down, and under the Privacy tab, select “Phone Number.”

Phone number highlighted in red under privacy settings.

4. Under the phone number visibility settings, set it to “Nobody” and tap the checkmark at top right.

Nobody highlighted in red under phone number privacy settings.

For enhanced privacy, you can even set the “Who can find me by my phone number?” parameter to My Contacts. This way no one can find you using your phone number.


Q. What Is a Fragment Number?

A Fragment number is an anonymous phone number based on blockchain technology that allows you to sign in to Telegram while remaining anonymous.

Q. Which Website Allows Us to Use a Temporary Number for Free?

You can get a temporary number for free on websites like SMSnator and Quakr for sign-ups.

Q. Is Using Temporary or Fragment Numbers Safe to Create a Telegram Account?

Yes. Using fragment numbers to create a Telegram account is safe and beneficial for keeping your identity anonymous and avoiding spam. You can access your fragment number in the TON Wallet.

Q. Can I Sign up for Telegram Without a Phone Number?

Technically, No. However, users can sign up on Telegram using anonymous methods, as shown above.

Signing Off

Keeping your identity anonymous online, especially your phone numbers, is essential. You can use these methods to sign up on Telegram Messenger to enjoy great conversation features while staying incognito. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tips and tricks.

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