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3 Ways to Report WhatsApp International Scam Calls

Receiving international scam calls on WhatsApp can be irritating. While there is no simple way to prevent them completely, you can report them to WhatsApp. This will not only help you but also stop scammers from scamming others. Let’s check out some methods to help you report WhatsApp international scam calls with an Indian Number.

How to Report WhatsApp International Scam Calls.

How Do You Report an International WhatsApp Scam Call?

Now that you are determined to stop scammers from spamming you with international calls via WhatsApp, here are three methods for reporting such scam calls.

Method 1 – Report to WhatsApp

The easiest way to report a spam call that might be a potential scam is to report directly to WhatsApp. As soon as you hang up such calls from an unknown number or visit the caller’s profile with such an unknown number, WhatsApp will prompt you to report such calls or texts.
Report number highlighted on a WhatsApp profile page.
Here, you can report such spam calls and scammers and write a description for them. Just make sure to share your chat log with WhatsApp for review purposes.

Method 2 – Report the International Scam Number to DoT

If you persistently receive such scam calls on WhatsApp or regular calls on your mobile or landline. In that case, you can report the number to the Department of Telecom (DoT) as a fraudulent and illegal Telecom set-up on the complaint helpline.

Snapshot of Press Release from DoT to set up a helpline to report fraud calls.

Registering a complaint will block any international number that uses VoIP services to make calls to target Indian Mobile or Landline numbers. If you receive such international spam calls, then you can file a complaint on the following DoT helpline numbers:

  • 1963,
  • 1800110420.

Method 3 – File a Complaint at Sancharsathi Against Indian Number

Another way to report spam calls from an Indian Number is to head over to the Sanchar Saathi website to file a complaint about that Indian number.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file a complaint against an Indian Spam number on Sanchaar Saathi:

1. Open Sanchar Saathi on any of your browsers.

2. Fill up the following necessary details in the form:

  • The number on which you received the call.
  • Indian number from which you received the call.
  • The date on which you received the call.

Snapshot of a form to report fraudulent number on Sanchar Saathi portal.

3. Once you fill in the requested information, add the remarks.

As Remark, you can mention a brief description of what you were being asked or told on a scam call.

Remark box highlighted on the portal page.

4. Scroll down, type the captcha, and click verify using OTP.

Verify Receiving Mobile via OTP highlighted in red.

5. On the next screen, type the OTP you receive.

Once you’ve submitted the report against the number, TRAI will immediately take action. If necessary, the number will be promptly banned. This not only protects you from future scams from the same number, but it also safeguards others from potential scams.


Q. What Is the International WhatsApp Call Scam?

WhatsApp users often receive calls from international and Indian numbers. These calls, usually containing spam offers and bait scams, come from various numbers and are called International WhatsApp Call Scams.

Q. Can I Protect Myself From Unknown Calls on WhatsApp?

Yes. You can silence unknown calls on WhatsApp, so you will not be buzzed whenever someone not in your contact list calls you on WhatsApp.

Q. What Is the Best Method to Report Scam Calls on WhatsApp?

The best way to report scams on WhatsApp is to send a report to the WhatsApp team via the report services.

Q. How Can I Protect My Details From Scammers?

The best way to prevent your number from falling into the hands of scammers is not to use it on shady websites or sketchy links.

Wrapping Up

Scam calls on WhatsApp can put you and others in danger. As mentioned above, you can prevent them by reporting them to the right authorities. Follow the three methods mentioned earlier to report International WhatsApp scam calls to stop scammers from scamming others. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tips and tricks.

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