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4 Ways to Summarize Webpage In Chrome on Android

Are you tired of wasting time sifting through lengthy or complex content? Enter Webpage Summaries – a handy tool to quickly skip to the main content and key takeaways of boring, long texts. Whether you go through lengthy reviews or difficult and complex topics, these tools help you find the most relevant information within moments. This read will explore four ways to summarize any webpage on Android devices using AI.

Summary of a web page generated by ChatGPT 4 on an Android phone.

Reasons Why You Need to Summarize a Webpage

Here are a few reasons or situations where you need to summarize a webpage.

1. To get a quick webpage overview and review the main points.

2. To scrim through lengthy content in use cases such as research papers, documents, etc.

3. Observe the content and webpage and take pointers to improve them.

How to Summarize Webpage on Android

With AI tools on the rise, summarizing lengthy texts to get a clear, concise overview has become quicker and more efficient. Below are four methods for summarizing any given webpage on Android.

Methods 1 – Opera’s Aria Browser

1. Install the Opera browser from the Google Play Store or open it.

Welcome screen of the Opera browser.

2. Click the account profile button at the screen’s bottom right corner.

Profile account located on the bottom right corner of Opera browser's home page.

3. Tap the “Aria browser AI” and the “Get Started” button.

4. Next, sign in to Opera using your Opera or Google account as per preference.

Log in to Aria AI using Opera Account or Google Account.

5. Once logged in, head back to the app’s home screen and navigate to your desired webpage.

6. Tap the three dots button on the browser screen’s top right corner to open a drop-down menu.

The three dot menu button located at top right corner highlighted in red.

7. Select “Summarize“, and the Aria AI window will open up to briefly summarise the selected webpage and its content.

Method 2 – Using ChatGPT Plus

1. Open the desired webpage in any browser and navigate to share the link (to external apps).

2. Tap on “ChatGPT” from the available list of applications.

The ChatGPT icon is highlighted in red on the share screen.

3. If ChatGPT 3.5 is selected by default on your application, you must switch to ChatGPT 4 to utilize webpage reading capabilities.

To do so, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the app, and select GPT-4 from the dropdown menu.

GPT-4 highlighted in red above the GPT 3.5 option in the pop-up menu.

4. You must submit the webpage link entered in the text box.

The webpage's link in the text box highlight in red, next to send button.

5. Briefly, after processing, ChatGPT-4 will summarize the requested webpage for you.

A web page's summary generate by ChatGPT Plus.

It is important to note that this feature is only limited to ChatGPT Plus users. To summarize text for free, read other alternate methods in this guide.

Method 3 – Using Free Perplexity

1. Open the webpage required to be summarized, tap on its URL and select the share icon from the options on the screen.

2. From the share screen, select “Perplexity,” which will promptly return a webpage summary in a few seconds.

3. The AI tool will suggest a few questions based on the content for you to follow up.

Suggested questions highlighted in red under the summary generarted.

Method 4 – Using Google Gemini AI

1. Open the webpage you want to summarize and launch Google Gemini AI.

A web page from GadgetsToUse opened in Chrome for Android.

2. Tap the “Add this screen” feature, which is located just above the Gemini AI pop-up window.

Add this screen icon located above Gemini Chat window.

3. Gemini will then attach its link and wait for you to enter a prompt, where you must ask it to summarize the screen.

Enter the prompt to "Summarize" highlighted in red.

4. In a few seconds, Gemini will deliver a summary of the webpage you requested, similar to the example below.

Selected Web page summarized by Gemini.


Q. Do We Need a Perplexity Pro Subscription to Summarise the Webpage?

No. You can use Perplexity to summarize any webpage for free without logging in or purchasing a Pro subscription.

Q. I Don’t Have Gemini. Can I Use Google Assistant to Summarize A Web Page Instead?

No. Unfortunately, Google Assistant only gives back results using Google Lens and cannot summarize. You must use Google Gemini to summarize the steps mentioned above.

Q. What Are Some Free Online Tools to Summarize Web Pages Online?

With multiple AI tools online, here are five ways to summarize text for a clear, concise read.

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and other Artificial Intelligence tools can help you speed up your work and scrim through lengthy pages of content by summarizing it and taking follow-up questions, to name a few. Other features include using ChatGPT for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to comment on or publish posts. Stay tuned to Gadgets To Use for more such guides, and check out the suggested reads below.

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