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4 Ways To Summarize Pdf Using AI Tools For Free

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Going through lengthy PDFs is a dreadful experience for us all. But alas, in this age of digitalization, almost everything from books to documents has become available only in the format of PDFs. And many a time, they’re just too large to go through in one go. In such cases, you can jot down the summary of a PDF, but even doing that takes a while. If this is the challenge you facing, here are some free AI tools that can save your day!

Free AI tools to summarize pdf

Why Should You Use AI to Summarize PDFs?

PDFs are an important part of our lives now. From books to the thesis, PDFs are everywhere and are extensively used day by day, and that’s why summarizing PDFs is important, but why should you use AI to summarize your PDFs? Here are a few reasons that will clear the fog.

  • Summarizing PDFs helps you quickly find information out of large PDFs.
  • It makes it easy to learn large PDFs from the summaries.
  • Users can get a quick reference point from the summaries.
  • A summary of the PDFs makes it easy to share the PDF details.
  • Research PDFs we make can be reviewed in an instant from the summary to let us know if we are missing out on anything.

Now that we know the advantages of summarizing PDFs, let’s check out some of the best tools available on the market that will help you summarize PDFs instantly.

Top 4 AI Tools to Summarize PDFs

If you are looking for AI tools to help you summarize the PDFs, look no further. Here are our top four picks for you.

1 – PDF Summarizer

PDF Summarizer is a free tool that leverages the power of AI to quickly summarize any PDF. It’s user-friendly and intuitive—simply drag and drop your PDF into the designated box and hit enter. You can even set the size of Summery beforehand—just make sure you don’t set it too short, which can cause information loss.

pdf summarizer is one of the best AI tools for generating summaries of given pdf.

In no time, you’ll receive a summary of your PDF. The PDF Summarizer can handle documents as large as 1500 pages or up to 300,000 words, all for free. This tool makes summarizing any PDF a breeze.

Our Experience With PDF Summarizer:

In our experience, the PDF Summarizer creates a summary of the PDF pretty quickly and with better precision than the rest of the tools. It does take a tiny bit of time to generate summaries for the PDF, but the features, such as summarizing in paragraphs and bullet pointers, are worth it. However, the biggest downside of using PDF Summarizer is that it can only be used for free once a day.

2 – Google Gemini

Google recently introduced Gemini, a powerful AI assistant with many impressive features. One such feature is its ability to analyze images that you upload. You can upload images of the PDFs or even screenshots to get them summarised instantly.

You can also query Gemini about specific topics within the images, and it will provide answers in context. Gemini is free for the first few months, after which certain features will require a subscription. However, you can freely use the Gemini chat assistant to summarize PDFs during this period. Simply upload a PDF file and ask Gemini to summarize it.

Our Experience With Google Gemini:

To use Gemini for PDF summary you will need to enable the “Workspace Extension” from the Gemini Settings and then need the document to be uploaded on Google Drive. Once that is done use the prompt mentioned below.

@Google Drive Summerize This PDF For Me: PDFName

Google’s Gemini AI assistant is fast and reliable when it comes to summarizing documents. When we used Google Gemini it was fairly accurate as well with one or two missing points here and there but at the same time, it covered almost all the major points. While Google has announced that they will charge to use Gemini in the near future it’s completely free to use right now.

Gemini suggests follow up questions after generating summary of the given pdf.

3 – HiPDF AI Summarizer

HiPDF offers a variety of PDF-related tools, including an AI-powered PDF Summarizer. This summarizer, powered by ChatGPT, is specifically designed to condense PDFs quickly, accurately, and reliably.

The HiPDF AI Summarizer is free to use and is faster compared to other summarizers. You can access it via its website or app to create a summary for your PDFs. Additionally, you can use it to summarize blogs and create bullet-point summaries.

Our Experience With Hi PDF Summarizer:

While Hi PDF AI Summarizer is free to use and has plenty of AI features up its sleeve it requires a compulsory login to use and is restricted to PDFs with up to 3000 Words in the free version. And not to mention that Hi PDF AI summarizer is also one of the slowest of the bunch.

HiPDF offers you keywords, sentences, and questions you might have after generating the summary.

4 – ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a new development in AI chatbots that allows you to interact with your own PDFs. This user-friendly tool lets you upload your PDFs and either create summaries of them or have a conversation about the content of the PDF.

After uploading your PDF, you can ask the AI about any topic covered in the document. This makes it easy to quickly find answers and accomplish tasks.

Our Experience With Chat PDF:

Being able to chat with the PDF and ask for anything was a truly unique experience, and its accuracy sure surprised us. But the fact that it does not give us the complete summary in one go is a bummer as we first need to know about the content inside the PDF to be able to ask questions.

ChatPDF offers an easy to read and understand summary of the long PDFs for us users.

Bonus AI Tool – ChatGPT

That’s right, summarizing PDFs is a feature available in the paid version of ChatGPT. Just like any other interaction with ChatGPT 4, you can upload your PDF and request the assistant to summarize it in the way you prefer.

You can ask ChatGPT to delve into more detail by requesting it to summarize specific topics from the PDF or create bullet-point summaries of selected topics. You even have the option to create your own private chatbot in GPT 4 that can be programmed using the PDFs.

Our Experience With ChatGPT:

ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the most advanced AI tools that can do a bunch of things using its AI magic. Summarizing PDFs is one of them in which it did not disappoint.

the ChatGPT summarised PDFs in a simple and easy to understand manners. While it’s amazing and powerful the downside was you need to subscribe to GPT 4 to ask it to create the summary of the PDFs.


Q. Which Is The Best AI Tool To Summarize PDFs?

PDF Summarizers from HiPDF and ChatGPT 4 are some of the best AI PDF Summarizers available in the market.

Q. Can I Use ChatGPT To Summarize A Pdf?

Yes. You can use GPT 4 which is the paid model of ChatGPT, to generate a summary of any PDF you want.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Using AI To Summarize PDFs?

One of the many benefits of using AI to generate summaries of documents is to be able to go through the entire PDF quickly.

Q. Can AI Tools Summarize PDFs Accurately?

Most of the time, the AI Summarizers are pretty accurate.</p>

Wrapping Up

PDFs serve as useful guides, but reviewing lengthy ones can be time-consuming. Summarizing these documents can address this issue, condensing the content to a size that’s quick to review. These AI tools can assist in this process, summarizing your PDFs swiftly and efficiently without omitting any crucial information. Stay tuned at GadgetsToUse for more such tips and tricks.

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