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Nokia Asha 311 Vs Samsung Rex 90 Comparison Review

When it comes to feature phones, Nokia has always been a reliable brand and most liked by the users. Samsung on the other hand, does have some good offering in smartphone segment, the latest one is called Samsung REX 90 which we are today going to compare with the Nokia Asha 311 as both of these phones are top projected phones from these respective brands although Nokia has added a new device which is the next generation Asha phone called Nokia Asha 501.




Getting back to the Asha 311 and REX 90, both phones would fit under the budget category for most users, and will probably be the second phone for quite a few out there. Both phones are small enough to almost get inside in your pocket but Nokia Asha 311 is more small to carry it around, considering the average phone size today. You can expect the Asha 311 to give you solid battery life, and with the REX 90 struggled to last for one day during our review but one thing good about this phone is that its dual SIM but again this feature made the phone bad in battery backup as compared to Nokia Asha 311

Processor and Battery Comparison

That was for some qualitative comparison, let us now get to what matters; numbers. The Asha 311 comes with a 1GHz processor, whereas the REX 90 will only give you a 312MHz processor, which means the Asha 311 has more than 3 times the clock frequency. In terms of battery, the Asha 311 again outshines the REX 90 with a 1100mAh battery compared to the REX’s 1000mAh. Also keep in mind, proprietary software is bound to give you a considerable amount of extra back up when compared to the same battery.


Samsung REX 90 S5292-00

Connectivity and Features Comparison

When connectivity is concerned, the Asha 311 yet again blows off competition with the REX 90 thanks to the availability of 3G, meaning, there will be no 3G on the REX 90. But, in REX’s favour, it does offer dual SIM support which the Asha 311 doesn’t. We feel that dual SIM availability is actually an overrated feature as most people hardly use it. For most it is just the satisfaction of having the option to use another SIM on the same phone which makes them go for the phone. So again, we would pick the Asha 311 as the winner when connectivity is concerned.

Speaking of other features, Nokia is currently offering a free 2GB memory card along with the Asha 311, and 40 EA games and the popular-as-ever WhatsApp come pre-loaded on the device. Although people who are looking for a secondary phone might not fall for this, but it might catch the fancy of someone who’s probably buying his first phone or looking for some serious value for money.

Let us put the specs in a table for quick and easy comparison:

Asha 311 REX 90
Processor 1 Ghz 312Mhz
SIM support Single SIM Dual SIM
3G Yes No
Display 3 inch TFT, 240x400p 3.5 inch TFT, 320×480
ROM 256MB 10MB
Camera 3.15MP 3.15MP
CPU 1GHz 312MHz
Battery 1100mAh 1000mAh


As we stated earlier, the choice comes down to dual SIM or no dual SIM. But the gap between the hardware specifications of the phones is wide enough for us to choose one winner, and no points for guessing, it is the Nokia Asha 311 thanks to the much more powerful hardware.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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