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[Comparison] 20W PD Chargers Under INR 2000

Nowadays, smartphone brands, like Apple, Samsung, etc., are removing chargers from the box, creating a problem among consumers. As either they need to buy the brand’s official charger or a third-party charger separately to charge their phone. Now, choosing the right third-party charger for their smartphone which can also fast charge, is another dilemma. Therefore, to help you out we have compared 20W PD chargers from well-known brands under INR 2000.

20W PD chargers comparison

Comparing 20W PD Chargers Under ₹2000

In this comparison, we have chosen four of the most popular 20W PD chargers from Amazon. In this test, we tested all these chargers for 5 minutes each in two different conditions – when the phone’s charging was below 80% and above 80%. The results have turned out to be quite interesting, so without any further delay, let’s move to the comparison.

20W PD chargers comparison

Stuffcool Flow PD20W

Stuffcool is a well-known brand, here in India, so we tested its Flow PD20W  charger, which has shown some interesting results. Let’s find out what was our observation with this charger.

Charging Below 80%

When we charged the phone, with the battery level below 80%, the charger’s performance surprised us. It started off at 25 degrees celsius temperature and after five minutes of charging, it dropped the temperature by 1 degree i.e. 24 degrees. The phone’s temperature was 27 degrees which went up to 30 degrees after the five-minute test. While the battery percentage increased from 61% to 65%. However, during the test, the charger felt normal in terms of temperature but the phone got slightly warm.

20W PD chargers comparison

Charging Above 80%

During the second test, when we charged the phone, with a battery level above 80%, the results were different. At the start, the charger was at 23 degrees, and when the test was over after 5 minutes, it touched 29.6 degrees. As for the phone, it stayed at the same temperature i.e. 27 degrees during the test. Overall, you can say the phone was absolutely in normal condition but the charger got a bit warm.

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Anker PowerPort III 20W PD

Anker is a popular brand globally, for smartphone accessories and we chose to test the Anker PowerPort III. So, let’s check out the results we have got for under 80% and above 80% battery levels.

Charging Below 80%

When we tested the Anker 20w PD charger with the phone’s battery level below 80%, it slightly warmed up the environment. The temperature of the charger went up from 21 degrees to 29 degrees within 5 minutes of charging. While, on the other hand, the phone’s temperature slightly increased from 26 degrees to 30 degrees. The battery percentage of the phone increased by only 3% i.e. from 65% to 68% during this test. During the whole test, the charger became slightly warm and the phone also got a bit warm.

20W PD chargers comparison

Charging Above 80%

During the second situation when the phone’s battery was above 80%, the condition was somehow different. The charger’s temperature increased by only 1% from 24 degrees to 25 degrees. Whereas, the phone’s temperature increased from 24.8 degrees to 27 degrees in the 5 minutes of the charging test. The good thing is that the phone and charger both was in normal condition during the whole test.

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Dr. Vaku Luxos

We also tested a 20w PD charger from a brand called Dr. Vaku, it is priced around Stuffcool Flow 20. Here are our findings with after a five-minute charging test, both under and above 80% of the battery level.

Charging Below 80%

During the charging test below 80% of battery level, the charger’s temperature touched the heights. It started off at, 20 degrees and went up to 34 degrees by the time the five-minute test ended. Whereas, the phone’s temperature was almost the same starting at 27 degrees and ending at 27.8 degrees. The good thing is the phone’s battery increased from 68% to 73% which is the highest increase in all chargers we have tested.

20W PD chargers

Charging Above 80%

When we charged the phone with more than 80% battery level with this charger, the phone’s temperature went up by 5 degrees i.e. from 26 degrees to 31 degrees. The charger also went from 22 degrees to 29.6 degrees with only five minutes of the charging test. Both phone and the charger felt normally warm. Considering all the other chargers, this one had the most unfavorable experience, as it generated the most heat.

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Portronics Adapto 20

Portronics is known, as an affordable accessories brand, so we test the Portronics Adapto 20w PD fast charger, which is one of the cheapest PD chargers available in the market. Let’s check out the results we got with this charger.

Charging Below 80%

When we charged the phone, with less than 80% battery using this charger, the results were not so pleasant. As the charger’s temperature increased by 10 degrees in just five minutes and went from 20% to 30%. Whereas, the phone’s temperature increased slightly from 25 degrees to 29 degrees. The battery percentage increased by 3%. But, both the phone and charger felt slightly warm during the whole test.

20W PD chargers comparison

Charging Above 80%

When we did the charging test with this charger, above 80% battery level, things got a bit better. As the phone’s temperature stayed almost the same with a very minor increase from 28 degrees to 28.7 degrees, which is commendable. Whereas, the charger’s temperature increased from 21 degrees to 28 degrees, which is still better than the first test. Both phone and the charger felt slightly warm during the test.

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Quick Comparison

For a quick comparison stats between all of these chargers, let’s have a look at the comparison chart below:

Charger Temperature  Stuffcool Anker Dr. Vaku Portronics
Charge Level Below 80% Above 80% Below 80% Above 80% Below 80% Above 80% Below 80% Above 80%
Changes in Smartphone Temperature
Starting 27° (61%) 27° 26° (65%) 24.8° 27° (68%) 26° 25° (73%) 28°
Ending 30° (65%) 27° 30° (68%) 27° 27.8° (73%) 31° 29° (76%) 28.7°
Battery Level 61-65% 65-68% 68-73% 73-76%
Changes in Charger Temperature
Starting 25° 23° 21° 24° 20° 22° 20° 21°
Ending 24° 29.6° 29° 25° 34° 29.6° 30° 28°


After taking all the things into consideration, this charger comparison turned out to be really interesting with many ups and downs. All the stats and performances are in front of you to judge and pick the one which suits you the best. As for our pick, Stuffcool Flow 20 wins the best PD charger race among all of these followed by Anker. Portronics secured the third position, and the last position was secured by Dr. Vaku’s 20w PD charger. Stay tuned with GadgetsToUse for more informative articles, and comparisons.

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