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Lava Iris 504Q VS Zen 701 Ultrafone HD Comparison Review

Recently an Indian Mobile manufacturer, Lava has launched Iris 504Q from which comes with the numerous features that are considered as the good in its category. Iris comes with the Quad Core Processor and the 720 pixel HD screen and also it contains the feature which is somewhat unique; that is the gesture control. On the other side a new Smartphone from Zen, which is also an Indian maker, named as the Zen 701 Ultrafone has also been launched. It contains the features such as the 720 p HD screen and an Quad Core Processor that are similar to the Lava Iris but the major differences among both is the price tag with which it comes.

So the competition between this two device looks interesting. The stated Comparison will let you to decide which among both of this suits your needs and is best for you, so take a look at the detailed comparison of the devices.



Display and Processor

Lava Iris comes with the screen size of 5.0 inch that boosts a resolution of about 720 x 1280 pixels. On the other hand Zen 701 Ultrafone HD comes with the 5.0 inch IPS HD screen that has a resolution of about 720 x 1280 pixels which is same as the Iris 504Q but the Zen 701 comes with the pixel density of 294 ppi which is good and is better that the Iris, so on these front its clear that the Zen 701 is better than the Iris.

On the processor front both the devices come with the same processor which is the 1.2GHz Mediatek MT6589 quad core processor. So there is no choice to make among these devices on the processor basis, MT 6589 processor is being an tested and mostly preferable for the Smartphone’s in the budget segment and works really well. On the RAM side both the devices comes with the 1 GB of RAM which is an essential feature of these devices, and also again no choice can be made on the basis of the RAM. Though we can suggest that Iris 504Q a bit faster as compared to the 701 Ultrafone HD.

Camera and Memory

Lava Iris comes with the 8 MP primary camera and the VGA front camera. Also the picture quality of the Iris is nice, but when the images are taken in the low light the picture starts to be scatter and also the clarity was begin to decrease.

On the other hand Zen 701 Ultrafone also comes with the 8 MP of primary camera and the VGA front camera , but when the images were compared between both the devices it seems that the images taken with the 701 Ultrafone were slightly better than the 504Q, so here the 701 has an edge over its competitor.

On the memory side both the devices comes with the 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded upto 32 GB via Micro SD slot, that is present on both the devices, so here both the devices has the same configuration.

Battery and Other Feature

Lava Iris 504Q comes with the 2000 mAh battery which seems to be good for the 5.0 inch screen device. Also the Zen 701Q comes with the same 2000 mAh battery which is the same to its competitor and also able to give the backup of about a day with the medium to heavy usage.

On the feature side Iris contains the unique feature, which is the gesture control that allows the users to control some of the features of the device with the gestures. On the other hand 701 Ultrafone HD also has certain unique features like an customized camera app that allows the user to take photos in high definition Panorama mode and various other features. Though the camera app is somewhat difficult to use for the new users but offers a wide variety of camera operations. All on the whole both has the features that are somewhat similar each other.

Model Lava Iris 504Q Zen 701 Ultrafone HD
Display 5.0 inch, Resolution: 720×1280 pixels 5.0 inch,
Resolution:720×1280 pixels
RAM, ROM 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM expandable upto 32GB 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM expandable upto 32GB
Processor 1.2GHz Mediatek MT6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz Mediatek MT6589 Quad Core
Camera 8 MP,VGA 8 MP, VGA
OS Android v4.2 Jelly Bean Android v4.2 Jelly Bean
Battery 2000 mAh 2000 mAh
Price 13,499 INR 12,000 INR


On the overall comparison, we can state that most of the features in the Lava Iris 504Q and Zen 701 Ultrafone HD are almost same. On certain features 504Q is better and on some features 701 Ultrafone. But the Major difference lies in the Price tag where Ultrafone 701 about 1.5k cheaper than the Iris 504Q, and which is a big difference so if we can get the all the same feature in the cheaper rate so there is chances that customers can opt for the Zen 701 Ultrafone HD as compared to the other.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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