Zebronics India has launched four new gaming headphones in India which are named the Zebronics Iron Head, Colt, Rattlesnake, and Stingray. The Iron head is the first Zebronic headphone with 7.1 channel simulated surround sound effects. All of these headphones come with volume control, mute button, mic on/off and inbuilt microphone.


Pradeep Doshi, Director Sales, Top Notch Infotronix said “We’ve been continuously focusing on our headphones category, and have been introducing new models with superior comfort level and audio quality, making the range one of the largest in the industry. The powerful range in this new line are backed by a fashion statement, listen to music or make calls, with zero strain on your ears.

These headphones have been designed so as to appeal more to the gamers and the best among these, the Iron Head features t 7.1 Channel audio, which will be a treat for music lovers and gaming enthusiasts. The cable is also 3 m long and you can connect them to via USB port. The 7.1 surround sound gaming headphone is designed to block outside noise and features built in sound processor.

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The Zebronics Rattlesnake come with a flexible headband which is an important functionality for many, and also featuring a built-in sound processor along with control pad. Zebronics Colt feature 30mm speaker dimension and Zebronics Stingray is a super bass headphone. The cable length varies from 1.8 to 3 meters.

All of these headphones feature a padded contact surface and come in two colors, classic black and trendy red. The headsets have been priced affordably starting from Rs. 1799 for Iron Head, model Colt for Rs.349, Rattle Snake for Rs.999, and Stingray is priced at Rs.499. You can order these headphones from