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Micromax Canvas 4 VS Micromax Canvas Turbo Comparison Review

Two of the latest and the most hyped desi phones go head to head – the Canvas 4 and the Canvas Turbo, both from the house of Micromax. Both phones come with quad core processors, but the Turbo being the newer one out of the two, comes with specifications better than the Canvas 4. However, there’s the obvious difference in price. Keeping these factors in mind, which one should you go for?

Canvas 4

Weight and Dimensions

The dimensions and weight of the Canvas Turbo aren’t known yet, while it is known that the Canvas 4 measures 144.5 x 73.8 x 8.9 mm and the weight, 158g.

Going by the looks of the Canvas Turbo, we expect the device to have a similar feel and footprint, however we will have to wait for the official numbers to show up to carry out a precise comparison.

Display and Processor

The Canvas Turbo is Micromax’s first full HD device, and with the same 5” screen you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience while using the device. On the other hand, the Canvas 4 which was a device which received a lot of flak for not having a full HD screen, packs a 720p resolution on the same screen size. Then again, it is much easier on the processor since a full HD display has more than double the number of pixels compared to a 720p screen.

Both devices sport MediaTek processors, which are a favourite among domestic and Chinese manufacturers. While the Canvas 4 comes with the older gen MT6589, the Canvas Turbo, true to its name, features the MT6589T which is the updated version of the MT6589. While the former operates at 1.5GHz per core, the latter does at 1.2GHz, and there’s a difference in performance just short of significant. If you’re looking for a device for gaming and multimedia, you should go for the MT6589T powered Canvas Turbo, since it also features a more powerful GPU.

Camera and Memory

Nothing to choose between the two devices on the imaging front. Both come with 13MP shooters on the rear and 5MP ones on the front. It won’t come as a surprise if Micromax use the same units on both devices, since they’re probably enough to serve their purpose. The image quality from the 13MP unit can be compared to an 8MP unit on phones from manufacturers like Sony and Samsung.

Both devices come with the same amount of on-board ROM as well, i.e. 16GB. However, the Canvas 4 takes the lead here with its microSD card slot which the Canvas Turbo lacks. It is a shame that a device like the Canvas Turbo doesn’t offer a microSD slot. This very reason might be a deal breaker for many out there who like to have tonnes of multimedia on their device, including games, music, movies, etc.

Battery and Features

Both phones come with 2000mAh units. You can expect the Canvas Turbo to have worse battery life than the Canvas 4, since it has cores operating at a higher frequency than the Canvas 4. We expected Micromax to learn from their mistakes and have at least a 2500mAh unit on the Canvas Turbo. With the full HD screen and power hungry internals, it will be a tough task to have the phone running through one whole day without hitting the charger twice.

The Canvas 4 and Canvas Turbo are quite similar in terms of software features. The Turbo can play most or all tricks which the Canvas 4 first pulled off, like blow to unlock, shake to unlock, gestures, etc. Turbo adds more to these software tweaks  and gesture features. Camera UI also comes with three added features of 360 degree panorama, object eraser and cinemagraph.

Key Specs

Model Micromax Canvas 4 Micromax Canvas Turbo
Display 5 inches, 1280x720p HD 5 inches, full HD
Processor 1.2GHz quad core 1.5GHz quad core
Internal Storage 16GB, expandable by up to 32GB 16GB
OS Android v4.2 Android v4.2
Cameras 13MP/5MP 13MP/5MP
Battery 2000mAh 2000mAh
Price 17,999 INR 19,990 INR


Indeed it is a big step forward for Micromax and the domestic smartphone market, but the non inclusion of a bigger battery disappoints us. However, if you can overlook only that, you get a great powerful smartphone with a full HD screen and powerful set of internals. The Turbo is undoubtedly much more powerful and appealing compared to the Canvas 4, but again, it is the lack of a potent battery and a microSD slot that might break the deal.

If you plan to use your phone for casual gaming, want your apps to load fast, and of course, want the taste of a full HD screen, then the Canvas Turbo is for you. If you do not associate yourself with the aforementioned, you can go for the Canvas 4 and save some bucks.

11 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas 4 VS Micromax Canvas Turbo Comparison Review”

  1. i want to buy micromax canvas 4 but im bit confuse with spice pinnacle fhd mi 525, some website selling spice mi 525 with two different price (9999 and 13699)…
    my question is which is better and what is the catch about difference in price.
    hope reply soon…

  2. Hi Abhishek
    now samsung launched grand 2 with some good specs… its just launch and no one can tell any comments on but you.
    so plz tell me about specs , price and should i go for it or some thing is better under 20k (approx).
    my req are company, specs , price …
    i always want to be a gadgate student (not master or guroo) so plz let me know your views n comment plus suggns
    thank you

  3. I am a totally new to touchscreen; android etc. I am using nokia X2-01; I want to buy an android but i am confused in turbo and canves 4; i love the sensors in turbo like compass , proxi etc which are not in canves 4. I want a complete good phone as I’ll use it for long time.soo piz suggest me the good one.
    …. Also my friends say micromax is not trustable and my phone will not be durable. Is it soo?? And whats the actual current price of turbo. I found canves 4 is available for 10,500/- Rs. Pizz tell me PRICE ; DURABILITY ; AND BEST ONE.
    ……Thank you.!!!

  4. Hi Abhishek,

    Greetings. My dad wants to buy a Micromax phone, which one do you suggest Turbo 250 or Canvas 4 A210? Also, can you recommend any other phone under Rs. 15,000. Thanks.


  5. out of the two Canvas 4 will suit him better because i am assuming battery back up will be important feature for him. You Could also go for MOto G 8 or 16 GB as both will suit his purpose well

  6. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your quick response. Can you please let me know how long both batteries last. Also, is Moto G a good buy considering Motorola is not present in India and selling via Flipkart? Is Intex I7 a good phone compared to Micromax Canvas or Turbo?


  7. yes Moto G is a good buy, Service centers are present in India. Their will be around 3 hours difference in practical day to day usage in both devices

  8. Thanks Deepak. Can you suggest on which website or shop will I get the Canvas 4 cheapest. Thanks.

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