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Samsung Galaxy S Duos VS Galaxy S2 Duos Comparison Overview

Two of the bestselling phones from Samsung have been the first two installments from their Galaxy S franchise, i.e., the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S2. Now that both these devices are available in their Dual SIM avatar, which one would you go for? The larger, more powerful S2 Duos or the cheaper, affordable S Duos? Read on to know what we think on this.



Model Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Display 4.5 inches 800 x 480p 4 inches, 800 x 480p
Processor 1.2GHz dual core 1GHz single core
Internal Storage 16GB 4GB
OS Android v4.1 Android v4.0
Cameras 8MP/2MP 5MP/VGA
Battery 1800mAh 1500mAh
Price 9500 INR


The initial versions of these devices were released back in the time when a 4 inch screen was seen as a large one. Having said that, the S2 duos comes with a 4.5 inch one, while the S duos comes with a smaller 4 inch one. Both devices have the same resolution at WVGA, i.e., 800 x 480 pixels. This naturally means that the S duos will have a better pixel density, albeit on a smaller screen. However, some consider a 4 inch screen to be too small; this category of people can go for the S2 duos.

Camera and Storage

As you would expect, the devices aren’t heavy on imaging hardware. While the S2 duos comes with an 8MP/2MP front/rear combo, the S duos comes with a 5MP/VGA combo. It is easy to decide that the S2 duos with an 8MP rear is the better one out of the two. We’re pretty certain that the superiority isn’t just limited to the megapixel count, but quality of sensors as well.

Again, the S2 duos takes the upper hand with an impressive 16GB of on-board ROM as opposed to just 4GB on the S duos. Both devices do have microSD slots to expand storage, but having greater on-board storage doesn’t hurt.

Processor and Battery

The S2 when launched, took the world by storm with its dual core processor. People hardly expected smartphones to get dual core processors so soon, it hadn’t been very long since desktop computers got those. The S2 Duos comes with a 1.2GHz dual core processor, which is comparable to a MediaTek MT6589 of this age. On the other hand, the S duos comes with a single core processor of the same frequency, which is beaten quite easily by the dual core on S2 duos. There’s also a difference in RAM; while the S2 duos comes with 1GB, the S duos comes with only 768MB adding to the downfall.

The S2 duos features an 1800mAh battery whereas the S duos comes with a 1500mAh one. However, the runtime on either device should more or less be the same due to difference in screen size and processor.


Quite easily, the S2 duos is the way to go if you’re looking for a mid-range (some may call it entry level too) dual SIM phone from a reputed brand. Having said that, it makes sense to go for the S2 duos only if the price difference between the two devices is not more than 5-6k INR.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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