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Sony Xperia E1 with 4 Inch Display and 100 dB Speakers

Sony Mobiles has today announced Sony Xperia E1 targeted at Asian Markets featuring budget dual core specifications. The differentiating Aspect is the loud speaker at the back which is capable of reaching 100 db audio mark which is quite high.


The display is 4 inches in size and bears WVGA resolution (800 x 480) which is not impressive (233 ppi) and subpar considering what Sony is offering with phones like Sony Xperia M.

The processor employed is Snapdragon 200 dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz. The RAM capacity backing up the chipset is 512 MB and according to chipset, GPU employed will be Adreno 206 or Adreno 302. Sony hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the Camera module.

The battery capacity is 1700 mAh which should provide you with around 1 day with low to moderate usage. The phone comes with basic budget android specifications and has been designed for music lovers.

The ClearAudio+ technology coupled with 100dB speakers will give you stimulating audio experience and the software enables you to change tracks simply by shaking your phone. Sony has also provided with a dedicated walkman button on this device.

Sony has also announced a Dual SIM variant of this phone named Sony Xperia E Dual. We expect this phone to be priced for around Rs. 10,000.

Key Specs

Model Sony Xperia E1
Display 4 Inch WVGA
Processor 1.2 GHz Dual Core
RAM 512 MB
Internal Storage 4 GB
Battery 1700 mAh
Price To be Announced

Xperia E1 – loud music smartphone by Sony [Video]

3 thoughts on “Sony Xperia E1 with 4 Inch Display and 100 dB Speakers”

  1. Do you think this can prove to be a competition to the HTC Boom Sound Technology as far as speaker loudness is concerned? Which currently available Smartphone / Phablet has the loudest sound according to you?

  2. Lets see we still need to test this device, before we can say more about it. The loudest phablet is again from HTC its HTC One Max.

  3. 100dB speaker – absolute nonsense without a reference – I have been trying to get some info off Sony as to how they can say 100dB. The person I spoke to at Sony has no idea and gave me an another email address to try, guess what they don’t know either… They are just trying to get rid of me. People reading this will think wow 100dB that is loud. But it is only loud at a given distance… 100dB at 1mm is only 40dB at 1m, SO SONY WHAT IS THIS MAGIC 100dB!?!?!?

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