Xiaomi Mi 4i is a much acclaimed mid range smartphone offering flagship experience for a very reasonable price of 12,999 INR. Is all well or there is a catch with the new Mi 4i? If you are looking forward to buy the new  Mi 4i, here are some answers which you could benefit from.


Xiaomi Mi4i Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5 Inch with, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 615 Octa Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Software Version: Android 5.0 Lollipop based MIUI
  • Primary Camera: 13 MP AF camera with Dual Tone LED flash, F 2.0 Wide angle lens
  • Secondary Camera: 5 MP, With F1.8 Lens
  • Internal Storage: 16 GB
  • External Storage: no
  • Battery: 3120 mAh battery Lithium Ion
  • Connectivity: 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: Dual SIM – Yes, both support 4G

Question – Does Xiaomi Mi 4i has Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer –  Yes, it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection on top.

Question – How is the Display of Mi 4i?

Answer –  The Xiaomi Mi 4i display is perhaps its best feature. It offers deep blacks and vivid colors along with 1080p sharpness – everything  you wish to relish. In some aspects, its even better than Mi4. The sunlight display technology works well and helps with outdoor visibility.

Question – How is the Design and Build Quality?


Answer –  Xiaomi Mi 4i has a plastic unibody design, and meticulous attention to details is clearly noticeable. Polycarbonate used is of good quality and the rear matte finish plastic cover which folds around the edges, bears semblance to Lumia lineup.

Question – Are the Capacitive navigation buttons backlit?

Answer – Yes, the capacitive buttons are backlit.

Question – Is there any heating issue?

Answer –  Yes, the handset heats up a bit. The handset includes second generation Snapdragon 615 chipset and we could max it to 46 degrees with more than 25 minute so intensive gaming.The handset heats up more only when you play high definition games on it for a long time.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer –  wall charger, Documentation, USB Cable, SIM ejector tool

Question – What size SIM card is supported? How is the call quality?

Answer – Both SIM cards accept Micro SIM and both SIM supports  4G. Cellular video calling or call recording  is not supported.


Question – Does it have LED notification light?

Answer – Yes, LED notification light is there.

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Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer –  Out of 16 GB, around 10.82 GB is available at use end. You can not extend this using MicroSD card, though USB OTG might offer some solace. Interestingly, all pre-installed apps including Google Apps can be removed.


Question – How much is free RAM on first boot?

Answer – Around 800 MB RAM is available on first boot. Multitasking is smooth.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?


Answer – The rear camera performs brilliantly in day light but performance slightly deteriorates in low light conditions. You have to remain steady for good shots in low light. Mi4 camera performs a tad bit better. Rear camera is also aided by an intelligent two tone flash. HDR performance is also quite good.  The front selfie camera is again pretty impressive.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Quick Camera Review, Low Light Performance, Refocus, Manual Focus Overview

Question – How is the performance ? How much did it score on Antutu and Nenamarks?


Answer – Mi 4i scored 38416 on Antutu and 59.9 fps on Nenamarks 2. The handset has enough horsepower for high end gaming and all heavy lifting.

Question – How is the device software?

Answer – Software is Android 5.0 Lollipop, but since there is MIUI 6 on top, you won’t see much of Lollipop design. On the whole we like MIUI 6 ROM.

QuestionHow many sensors does  Mi 4i have?

Answer – You can see the full list in the  image below.


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Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is good for both indoors and outdoors.

Question – How loud is Loudspeaker?

Answer –  Loudspeaker is quite loud, though not the loudest. It does get blocked to an extent when phone is resting on its back

Question – Can Xiaomi Mi 4i play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, the handset can play Full HD 1080p and HD 720p videos.

Question – How is the battery backup?

Answer –  We will update you more with battery backup as we spend more time with the device, but for now we are getting more than one day back up with moderate usage.

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Xiaomi Mi 4i is a great device for its price, but again all is not well. The device has limited 11 GB storage and some heating issues, which makes it a half baked proposition for aggressive users. Everyone else isn’t likely to be disappointed with the new Mi 4i.

The Author spent a significant chunk of his formative years resisting technology. He now keeps an eye on where the world is heading to, and drives a passive pleasure from this indulgence. His passion to write, learn and improve drives him each day. When his day ends, he enjoys the pleasant languor and detoxifies with family. You can connect with him on and Twitter


  1. i have an issue with it. the battery not getting fully charged it stops itself and i have reconnect the cable. it happened with my two mi4i.

  2. i have one issue using with xiaomi Mi4i. I didnt get call notifications (missed call ) on screen, but notification LED glows after missed call and it shows in call logs only. is there any major issue with software ???
    All other notifications arrives on screen after unlocking but only issue with missed call notifications only.

    • go to settings notification and turn on floating notifications for Contacts and dialer, check if this works

  3. hi, i have problem in notification “Don’t cover orange Area of the screen ” i want quiet this notification. please resolve my problem

      • This notification is not on notification bar but coming before unlocking the phone and afte unlocking it it gets off away..it says to press volume down and back button it never works wid it..

          • It asks for the area that comprises of the sensor, which lies by the left of the small speaker on the top of the phone,
            just dont hold the phone from the top while unlocking.
            (Take a deep look at that place , you’ll find the sensor)

    • it is a custom Corning Gorilla Glass solution developed by corning itself. It is an OGS display so Corning has layered a protective coating on top with the same level of scratch resistant

  4. mi4i does not rotate the all contents where auto rotation option and also in messaging letter ‘r’ is not work

  5. hey .. i have also problem with my mi4i phone. i want to connect my mi4i with my tv ..but when i connect with usb cable there some option shows.. when i select then msg shows device not support//please help me for this that how can i connect my mi4i with tv , pc & music system.. is this phone is compatible to support or not ???

    • It will work with your PC. Less likely to work with your TV. when you connect it to your PC first time. leave it as it is for sometime. After drivers are installed it will show up

    • I don’t have the phone with me as of now, but there is a notification management option in settings, check your email app over there. If you don’t find the option let me know i will check

  6. Hi phone is all gud.. But when I make some videos… I can’t find it in phone I have searched it everywhere

  7. hello this ph is good 🙂 but when its chargeing complete i unplugged charger and after that ph notification green light blinking … i dont knw why …. my ph have full charge .. so why blinking …again i plugged in charge and unplugged that moment notification light totally off …

    do u tell me what is the reason … after unplugged my ph notification green light blinking ???

  8. Hi Deepak got to know that the battery cannot be removed? could you please confirm.

    if yes then in case of battery issues what is the solution. I am gathering informations so as to buy sooner. ur immediate response wil help

  9. Using Mi4i since more than a month now, replacement for my samsung note. Was glad to have a smaller phone but some issues are there.
    1. Proximity sensor causes call drops – this is horrible, dont know when it will happen, I take important calls on the bluetooth. The proximity sensor is ON.
    2. Sometimes dials vague contacts, if its the last dialed contact i can understand, but others?? From the pocket and when held in the hand too. Can’t identify any particular pattern.
    3. Occasionally redials a number immediately after cutting off, this may happen if the number is busy or even of I have hung up after completing the call.
    3. Once every sound, whether a beep or a ring or a voice was replaced by hissing static. A restart put that right, its not happened again.
    4. The contacts are listed with too much white space in between, I can only see 5-6 contacts at a time. The My profile and My groups pinned at the top of the contact list are a waste of space.
    5. Miss the alphabetical layout of apps.
    6. Screen becomes unresponsive sometimes.
    7. And that “dont cover the orange part of the screen’ notification!!!
    I have been though different phones and OS, but never had so many complaints about any of them. And I cant find anybody else talking about this on any of the forums.

  10. Hey! I bought my mi4i set a few days back.. The very first day itself, this phone actually impressed me with its design, sleekness, features.. Everything! Bt from past 2-3 days I am facing network issues. The phone networ totally drops quite often n I miss most of my incoming calls.. I checked up with my network provider (airtel) n altered network settings too.. Bt da same issue persists n it’s getting on my nerves now… Plz help with this issue… N yeah one more thing.. DA proximity sensor doesn’t work sometimes especially when u take da phone away from ur ear to cut da call…
    Hoping to get some help…
    Thanks n regards..

    • get your unit checked, its under warranty you can get it replaced if you can replicate and show this issue at the service center.

  11. Please help me to find the setting to resolve the problem as follows:
    In my MI 4i although after the setting my phone network for net in One SIM it sometimes change automatically to other SIM and for browsing my balance get deducted from that SIM.

    Once I have thought this is changed by me or by some others friends unknowingly as both of my SIM is Vodafone service provider( although I have changed their identification as Vodafone Chennai and Vodafone WB). I have talked to Vodafone customer care regarding this they have informed browsing the reason of deduction and told some phone setting problem is there. So please let me know how to get out of this situation.

  12. Internet on my mobile is not working properly. I am not getting 3g speed with 3g DoCoMo card. If I use same DoCoMo card with other mobile it give me best speed. is there any issue with handset.

  13. Thanks for the detailed article but the writer hasn’t addressed the key feature of the phone 1. Quick Charge 2.0 in Mi4i 2. Does the box charger support 2.0?,

    • You may need to visit Xiaomi’s service center and have to check prob with them since it sounds to me like some hardware issue here.

  14. Hey this phone does well with MIUI6 but after flashing MIUI7 it start some errate behaviour like sudden calling or rrcalling and even sounds anytime. Also after switching prevent pocket Dail the orange screen came every time.

  15. Mai apna mi4i led se connect ni kar pa raha hun… showing usb is disconnected and 4 option is coming… i select one by one all option but problem still.. plz give me repply on my mail or number 9650310999

  16. hi, i have problem in notification “Don’t cover orange Area of the screen ” i want quiet this notification. please resolve my problem, please help me out friends, and am facing major problem while I getting call know that am getting error msg ur call stopped by MI using something, then
    I cannot able to attend d call

  17. Raman
    hi, i have problem in notification “Don’t cover orange Area of the screen ” i want quiet this notification. please resolve my problem

  18. hey how many apps can be istalled in this device
    cauz i was using unite 2 4gb Rom . Only some apps can be istalled in unite 2 lyk whats app . fb .. n some basic apps
    so i really wanna know whether apps lyk asphalt 8 . modern combat 5 and basic app lyk fb whats app . hike etc…………

  19. i have 2.0 pendrive but not working in my mi4i phone and other intrument of mi4i to run why this problem in my phone? plz send me solution of this.

  20. By falling at first time the display has been broken and the touch is not working. the customer service told me to pay 5500 for touch display

  21. Hi. Can u plz tell me does xiaomi mi4i ssupport hspa+ 3g 21 mbps? Xiaomi website shows it’s support only 3.6 mbp. Actually I buy it. So kindly tell me. Thanks

  22. Hi… I have problems with notifications….. I am not getting any notifications on top bar… Not able to see any notifications…. Can anyone help???

  23. Hello
    I updated rom miui6.7 than after also heat is not reduce. Please tell me solution about heating. And also video call is not available for Mi4i.

  24. i can not recognize a symbol on my notification bar. symbol is like this ‘((BELL SYMBOL))’. can anyone to help me to stop this symbol?

  25. I have a Xiaomi MI4I which gets connectec to OTG but I cannot transfer data from phone to flash drive but I can do the other side ,
    Can you help me

  26. I am facing a problem in xiomi mi4i. I brought it 2 days back. i cant call from my sim 2 when the dial option is set to sim 2. The call is only going from sim 1. When I am setting Dial option is ‘not set’ ,then its not asking for selecting the sim when i dial a number. Its directly going from sim1.
    Plz help.

  27. Hi,
    Iam using Mi4i from last few days.. the problem comes when I lock my phone and try to open it with a slide option on the screen but it doesn’t responds and gets hanged for few seconds or may be by one minute… later i tried when i recive a call sometime the the caller -is unable to hear voice –

    does it happens with the other user –

  28. Hi…I have bought a MI 4i.Its not even a month and i face the following problem.Do help me 🙂
    Issues are :

    1.i get a msg “dont cover the orange area of the phone”
    2.SELFIE CAMERA s okay for atmost 10 seconds and after that camera turns blurred and spots begin to appear all over the screen.
    It was okay for the past 15 days. since today this problem have started. WHAT WOULD I DO NOW ? 🙁

  29. I purchase mi4i and when I m unboxing and start the phone my navigation buttons lights are not working so what is the solution because of buttons are properly working but it light is not starting..pls help


    To “unhide” a folder on your Xiaomi device, follow these steps:

    On your Xiaomi device, find and launch the Explorer app.
    Tap the Menu button > Show hidden files.
    Find and long tap the folder/file you want to “unhide” to select it.
    Tap More > Rename.
    Remove a period before the folder name, then hit OK.
    That’s it. You’ve successfully “unhide” this folder.

  31. My. Mi4i phone dail to call but. Screen are black
    And. No show number and other calling. Detail
    So. Plz give advise for seting

  32. Some times my network is deactivating automatically, both signals are down for some time and it will activate after some time

  33. I have been using the mi4i for about a month now and now I am facing a problem. After I unlock my device i.e, the power button the messaging page keeps opening by itself. Its really annoying. Please help.

  34. hey ..it will be nice if someone could help me with this issue
    its only been a week since i bought it..while i am using an application it flashes to some page and comes back..at times it goes back to the home page.. also the video player keeps popping up an unknown error message while i open any video. if anyone know of any solution for the above please help.thankyou

  35. Iam using mi 4i from Last one month, it is good but I am facing some problems with it.
    1.iam facing signal problem, sometimes both the signals disappear for some time, and there will be no network in mobile for some time, after 2to3 minutes it will comes into network
    Please tell me what is the problem with that

  36. Hi,.. i’m using Xiaomi mi4i an its been a week only, it is good but i’m facing some problem pleas help me out. 1. when i use the phone the screen use to blink on an off in a second, what should i to.

  37. i am having a mi4i since last 3 months..im having some issues with its internet acess. i m not getting access to net while im being charged fr the data usage .its quite diificult.
    this happened before also but some how it ws solved
    but last day again same situatn happenedn im not getting acess tomy watsapp hike or otherdata using apps bt im getting my mails and sometimes hangout and chrome also is accesible

    Other apps are showing the tag no internet connection
    can u please give a soln

  38. My. Mi4i phone dail to call but. Screen are black
    And. No show number and other calling. Detail
    So. Plz give advise for seting

  39. ooks like its a issue of proximity Issue. For a while now I too had faced this
    I am agree with #Carl P the problem related to Proximity Sensor
    You can solve the problem couple of way which r the following :-
    1) first check if the screen guard covering Proximity Sensor if it is try to remove that much part and this sensor locate at top of the right corner.

    2)calibrate proximity sensor… dial * # * # MIUI # * # *

    3)you can turn it off by
    Contacts->Settings->Incoming Call Settings->Proximity Sensor-> ON by default, which you need to turn it OFF.

  40. hi pradeep garu i purchase mi4i just a month ago i dont no wat happens but touch screen is borken and it is not working now if any solution for work it with out change touchpad…..and i have warranty card if i get free service….or not….

  41. hi deepak garu i purchase mi4i just a month ago i dont no wat happens but touch screen is borken and it is not working now if any solution for work it with out change touchpad…..and i have warranty card if i get free service….or not….

  42. I am using mi4i from past one month the display color is changing while using the phone for more than 10 minutes like gaming etc
    How to over come this problem

  43. I am facing flickering issue with my mi4i display.It is not the whole screen that flickers, only a rectangular portion around the center of the screen has this issue

  44. I am using MI4i with dual 4G sim i have a very big problem on it while making/Recieveing call to some one with in a 1 second that call is getting disconnected i unable to resolve this problem i think i have choosed a wrong brand even all the settings are correct only i don’t know how to resolve the problem

  45. I think The MI 4i phone doesn’t has the option to make a vedio call to a particular mobile no. We can make vedio call only by installing apps like Skype. But in other android based phones we can make a vedio call without any app to a mobile no if we have 3g sim

  46. I have problem that i have hidden some photos in hidden album and locked them with a pattern password but i cant change the password for hidden album how can i change it

  47. I have hide some videos by going in file explorer option .now I fail to see them again , I tried my best to found them but all is vain. So please suggest me how could I see that video

  48. Sir my phone is not charging connect the charger first shut down the phone and connect the charger and after open the phone after changing start plz soul the problem

  49. Is it advisable to protect the display using tempered glass as there is no Gorilla glass? Or just screen guard protection is sufficient?

  50. Hi I’m having a problem with my MI 4i.. It’s screen is going completely black whenever I call anyone… In short I can’t use in call functions or I can’t cancel once I dial a no. What to do????

  51. I have mi4i back button not functioning, light glow,touch screen is OK. What will be possible faults. Please help. Any other options. Thanks

  52. Help..

    When data use in SIM2, SIM1 voice is disable .. (Sim1 Incoming voice call Out of network) showing. Pl. help any body to resolve the issue in MI 4i.

  53. hi,
    i m having mi4i since 4 or 5 months. when i dial or receive any call, shortcuts on screen like hold, mute, speaker, recording atc. get automatically enabled and m left with no option than disabling these during call. this is really very annoying and this happens very frequently. plzz…..suggest something….

  54. Hi, I’m komal. I’m using mi 4i since one month. I’m facing problem of not able to cut the call sometimes. Cliking on the screen to disconnect the call donot work. What should i do for this issue?

  55. hi,

    this morning my xiaomi display “xiaomi framework service is stopped’ and when I tried to restart it, it display ‘phone finder has stopped’.

    now it is not even starting, always display the rebooting screen (black screen with xiaomi logo).

    any idea of what happen?



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