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No, Samsung Is Not Stealing Your Personal Data With The Mysterious Battery Chip

There are videos circulating on WhatsApp, which accuse Samsung of stealing your mobile data and consequently “Ghar ki izzat” by implanting an aberrant chip in your smartphone battery. Normally we ignore such fud, but since we have received not one, not two but three different clippings from different sources, captioned “Is it True”, we think the issue warrants some clarification.


The mysterious chip on your Samsung battery is actually an NFC chip or NFC Antenna. The NFC or Near Filed Communication is a popular technology used to communicate with other NFC phones, connecting to external speakers and NFC headsets and for applications like mobile payment.


Image is from one of those viral videos

The argument we see in each video, that since the battery works fine even if you ditch this chip is proof enough for it being a spyware, is illogical. You don’t need to panic or ditch your NFC chip/ antenna.


If you heeded to the advice and are already headed down that road, say bye-bye to NFC, which you probably won’t miss, and as the videos claims, this shouldn’t affect your battery performance. Take a note of this whenever you are replace  your battery.

Image source: iFixit


Deepak Singh

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