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YuFit VS Mi Band Comparison, Which One Is Better and Why

YuFit recently went official in India for the same price as Mi band, and if you are looking for a low cost fitness tracker, you must weighting the two against each other to judge which one is better suited to your needs. A few thoughts to resolve your confusion.


On the outside

Which of the two offers better quality – YuFit or Mi Band?

Build quality is similar on both Mi Band and YuFit. Straps on both can easily get scuffed and both include ovular sensor module. With Mi Band, you can always buy extra straps in different colors for just 199 INR.

IMG_20150722_175522 (1)

Which one can resist water?

Both bands are water resistant and can be worn in showers or outdoor in rains.

So, which one looks better?

IMG_20150722_175235 (1)

In spite of similar build quality and almost similar design, the difference is well pronounced even with a cursory glance. The YuFit has a display. The display is a functional advantage, but in our opinion, the metal plate on Mi Band sensor module with chamfered side edges makes it look better than YuFit’s full plastic body.

The Display

Does the display makes a world of difference?

Yes to an extent. It is always convenient to get feedback from your band rather than pulling out your phone each time. But, after the novelty of your fitness band wears off, you won’t be checking your progress throughout your day and absence of display won’t be as unsettling. This is a clear cut advantage for YuFit

Display also means i can get smartphone notification on the band?


YuFit doesn’t display your phone notifications, but gives you unread count for calls and messages. How much of an advantage this will be depends on person to person, but this won’t be a deal maker or breaker.

Fitness Tracking

So, what all can these two devices track?

Both YuFit and Mi Band can track your sleep, how many steps you walk, how many calories you burnt, distance traveled and can also help you wake up with a smart alarm.

Which one does a better job?

Neither of the two is the most accurate wearable that we have used, but still we have realized that Mi Band is certainly more accurate.

I heard YuFit is powered by HealthifyMe, is it any good?

Yes, if you are indeed sincere about improving your fitness, expert guidance is a must. YuFit facilitates this by partnering with HealthifyMe app. You can subscribe to expert coaches you chalk out your diet plan and motivate you to follow it. Data tracked from the band syncs with your coach and helps you judge your lifestyle.


You will have to pay extra for this privilege, and subscribe a coach starting at 1800 INR for 2 months.

Other features

What else can YuFit do?

YuFit can also be used to remotely click images, videos or find your phone. Find my phone rings alarm on your phone when you double tap the touch button on YuFit display and it is easy to trigger it by mistake.


Remote clicking images can be useful while taking selfies. If you long press the touch button and your phone is connected, you band will ask for your consent to send an SOS. This could come in handy in crisis situation.

Which one lasts longer?

Depending on your usage, YuFit will last for 5 to 7 days based on our initial experience. Absence of a display unit on Mi Band allows it to last for about 20 to 25 days on a single charge.


Xiaomi Mi Band is a no nonsense tracker while YuFit comes with an additional display and some feature you might or might not need in rare situations. If you simply want to track your fitness, you can go with Mi Band. If you are willing to take expert guidance you should consider YuFit. You can also take free 7 day trial from HealthifyMe to help you make up your mind.


Deepak Singh

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