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Yu Yutopia vs OnePlus Two Comparison, Pros, Cons

Yu launched their latest smartphone named the Yutopia yesterday in an event in New Delhi. We already covered the Yutopia Quick Overview of the device and also a Yutopia Camera Review. Today in this article, I will try to compare the Yu Yutopia, the “Powerful phone on the planet” with the OnePlus Two, the “2016 Flagship Killer”. Clearly both these phones have some bold claims, but we will find out which one of these two gets an edge over here.


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Pros & Cons

Yu Yutopia


  • Good Primary and Secondary Camera
  • Gorilla Glass Screen protection
  • Smooth UI performance
  • Quick charging support
  • Premium looks
  • QHD display
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • MicroSD card expansion


  • Battery is not user replaceable
  • Battery not big enough for a 2K QHD display

OnePlus Two


  • Good camera with Laser AutoFocus
  • USB Type-C port
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Smooth UI using Oxygen OS


  • No NFC
  • No Quick Charging capabilities
  • No MicroSD card expansion
  • Battery not user replaceable

Display & Processor

The Yu Yutopia sports a 5.2inch 2K display, with a pixel density of 567 ppi. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. On the other hand, the OnePlus Two has a 5.5inch 1080p display, with a pixel density of 401 ppi. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The Yutopia features an IPS display, whereas the OnePlus Two features an LCD display. Both the displays looks vibrant and have good viewing angles. It comes down to the screen size you prefer. For some people 5.2inch is the sweet spot, but for me personally, 5.5inch is the sweet spot.

Both the devices share the common Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, which consists of a Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor based on the Cortex-A53 & a Quad-core 2 GHz processor based on the Cortex-A57 architecture. The Yu Yutopia features a 4GB RAM whereas the OnePlus Two has two different variants. The 64GB model has 4GB of RAM, but the lower storage model with 16GB of onboard storage has only 3GB of RAM.

User Interface & Operating System

The Yu Yutopia is powered by the powerful Cyanogenmod 12.0, which is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. On the other hand, the OnePlus Two is powered by the Oxygen OS which is also based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Both the operating systems feature a stock like experience to some extent but offer individual features among them.

We have heard some news that Cyanogen is working on getting a new version of its rom available for the OnePlus Two, and when that happens it will put both these phones neck to neck.

Camera & Storage

The Yu Yutopia features a 21MP primary camera along with a dual-tone LED flash, which is capable of shooting videos in 4K UHD resolution. The secondary camera on the Yutopia is an 8MP shooter, which can record videos in 1080p resolution. The camera clarity of the Yu Yutopia is good and head over to our Camera Review of the same to know more.

The OnePlus Two features a 13MP primary camera along with a dual LED flash and Laser AutoFocus. The primary camera is capable of 4K UHD video recording along with features like Slow Motion Video and TimeLapse video. The secondary camera on the device is a 5MP shooter.

Coming on to storage, the Yu Yutopia has 32GB of onboard storage with an ability to expand it via MicroSD card. On the other hand, the OnePlus Two offers two models, one with 16GB of onboard storage and the other with a 64GB of onboard storage. Both these models do not support upgrading the storage via a MicroSD card.

Battery & Other Features

The Yu Yutopia features a 3000mAh battery with Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 functionality. It can charge the phone really fast and get you going from 0 to 100 in about 90 minutes. The OnePlus Two has a 3300mAh battery, a slightly higher capacity battery than the Yutopia but it lacks the QuickCharge functionality.

The Yutopia has an interesting feature called the “Around Yu” which allows you to look for services available around your location at the moment. It pulls up data from services like Zomato and Ola Cabs for providing you that information. Also, you get a 6-month subscription to when you buy the Yutopia.

The OnePlus Two, on the other hand, features a USB Type-C port which can be called something from the future. The USB Type-C might be the only port that will rule the world as it can be used for everything from charging, data syncing or using it as a display output.

Pricing & Availability

Both the devices are available for Rs. 24,999 in India and both are exclusively available on Amazon India. For the 24,999 price tag you get a 32GB version of the Yutopia, whereas you get a 64GB version of OnePlus Two for the same price.

Earlier OnePlus Two was available with invites, but recently OnePlus ended the invite system and the device is now available without any invite. The Yutopia has gone up for pre-ordering on the website and will be available in the upcoming days.


The Yu Yutopia certainly looks like a worthy competitor to the OnePlus Two with the expandable storage and almost stock like experience on the User Interface side. However, it’s too soon to comment which of these two phones is better. We are doing our full review of the Yu Yutopia and will publish it soon. 


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