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3 Effective Simple Settings Can Stop Battery Drain on iOS and Android

In today’s post, we want to help you stop battery drain on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Our tips are simple and effective, so you don’t have to worry about working overtime to save battery on your smartphones.

One of the more frustrating aspect of owning a modern smartphone is the battery life. As companies make more and more powerful smartphones with each passing year, the battery life problems seem to keep growing. Phones grow thinner and batteries continue to remain the same.

Battery drain smartphones

How To Stop battery drain on iOS

Battery Drain Cause: iCloud Keychain

One of the common pieces of advice that iOS users are given is to disable iCloud Keychain. This has been recommended for years now, but the actual benefit that users can derive out of it may vary – basically, your mileage may vary. It’s the iOS equivalent of Play Services as far as battery drain is concerned (disregarding the actual uses of it) – some users may notice that it’s draining their battery faster while it may be normal for others.

How To Fix It:

To disable iCloud Keychain, open the Settings app. In Settings, tap on iCloud -> Keychain and tap on the toggle to turn it off.

Battery Drain Cause: Location Services

This is another major source of battery drain at times. If you are experiencing excessive battery drain on your iPhone or iPad, you may want to turn off location services. While things on iOS are a lot better in terms of location services, some (popular) apps still abuse this feature.

How To Fix It:

If you don’t want to turn off location services system-wide, you can do so on a per-app basis as well. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and disable location services for apps that don’t need access to your location.

Disable Background App Refresh ( Best Results For Battery Saving on iPhone )

iOS Limit Background App Refresh

In the age of push, a large number of apps still rely on the pull technology. While all modern OSs allow apps to pull for refreshing data in the background, you may not actually need all your apps to do this. This feature is not only resource intensive, it also eats into your data allowance.

How To Fix It:

Again, Apple allows you to either disable Background App Refresh completely or on a per-app basis. Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and choose which apps you want to refresh in the background.

Please Note: If you remove background app refresh for most used apps, you will get the best results to stop battery drain.

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How To Stop Battery Drain on Android

Optimize Location Services

Location services


On Android, I’ve experienced abnormal battery drain due to location services. This happens more frequently for some reason, so I’ve been resorting to some other measures to save battery life.

One of the common things that I recommend to people is to select different Location Modes. If you don’t move around a lot, you can set the location mode to “Device Only”. For moderate users, “Battery Saving” mode should suffice. Even if you travel a lot, manually switching between High Accuracy and Battery Saving modes will save you a lot of battery.

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Disable Auto brightness

Auto brightness on Android devices has improved a lot thanks to improved sensors and software optimizations, but it’s still too generic to be good enough. While Android 5.0 Lollipop has introduced Adaptive brightness, it still needs some adjustments every now and then. Point being, you’re better off adjusting your brightness manually – auto brightness ends up being too bright most of the times.

Disable Vibrate on touch

Vibrate on touch or Haptic feedback consumes a lot of battery. Every time you tap on the navigation buttons, the phone starts and runs the vibration motor. This consumes a lot of power, which adds up throughout the day’s usage.

What Battery Saving Mode Does?

Battery saving mode

What this does is that animations are disabled, apps aren’t allowed to run in the background constantly and syncing activities are significantly reduced. All these activities and features are resource intensive. Enabling the battery saving mode takes care of it.

Do you have any other battery saving tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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