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Samsung Galaxy J3 vs Coolpad Note 3 Lite Comparison Review

Today Samsung announced their all new Samsung Galaxy J3 in India and it is here to hit the Indian budget market with the device specifications and performance that they both offer. Today, let me compare the phone to the popular Coolpad Note 3 Lite, which is a really popular smartphone in this price range. Let’s see if the Samsung Galaxy J3 can displace the Coolpad Note 3 Lite as the most favorable smartphone in that price range.


Specifications Comparison

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Design & Build


In terms of the design and build quality of the devices, the both feature a plastic build with removable back covers. They both feature plastic rims with a chrome finish to give it a metallic look, but they both are actually plastic only. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite comes with touch capacitive navigation buttons on the front of the device, whereas the Galaxy J3 comes with a physical home button on the front along with the two navigation keys on the either side of the button.

The Coolpad Note 3 Lite features a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, just under the camera, whereas the Galaxy J3 does not feature anything like that.



The display size on both these smartphones is 5-inches and the resolution on both of these displays is 720p, but they differ in the type of displays that they offer. The Samsung Galaxy J3 offers a Super AMOLED display, whereas the Coolpad Note 3 Lite offers an IPS display. The color and viewing angles on the Super AMOLED display are much better than the ones of the IPS display.

Even in outdoor direct sunlight, the visibility of the Samsung Galaxy J3 is much better than the Coolpad Note 3 Lite. Both the displays were legible in direct sunlight, but the one on the Galaxy J3 was much more brighter because of the Outdoor mode in Display Settings. When launching the camera on both the smartphones, the visibility of the Coolpad Note 3 Lite fell drastically as almost nothing was visible on the screen, but on the Galaxy J3, everything was clearly visible.



The camera on both these smartphones is different in a lot of respects. The camera on the Galaxy J3 is an 8-megapixel shooter, whereas the secondary camera is a 5-megapixel shooter. The camera on the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a 13-megapixel shooter and the secondary camera is a 5-megapixel shooter.

In terms of the image quality that we can expect from both these phones, they are comparable in outdoor lighting, but when it comes to low lighting, the Coolpad Note 3 Lite performs a bit better compared to the Samsung Galaxy J3.

Samsung Galaxy J3 HDR Mode

Normal Picture

Samsung Galaxy J3 (6)

HDR Picture

Samsung Galaxy J3Richtone(HDR)

Coolpad Note 3 Lite HDR Mode

Normal Picture

HDR Normal

HDR Picture


Samsung Galaxy J3 Front Camera

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy J3 Rear Camera

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Rear Camera

Benchmarks & Gaming

In terms of the processor and the RAM that these two phones pack, there is a lot of difference. The Samsung Galaxy J3 packs a Speardtrum SC7731 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, coupled with 1.5GB of RAM, whereas the Coolpad Note 3 Lite comes with the Mediatek MT6735 processor, clocked at 1.3GHz, coupled with 3GB of RAM. The benchmarks for both the phones is as shown below.

[table id=456 /]

Coming over to the gaming performance, I played the Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2 on the Coolpad Note 3 Lite, and Dead Trigger 2 and Modern Combat 5 on the Samsung Galaxy J3. They both managed to play the respective games without any problem whatsoever. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite was a bit better when playing games and no frame drops or lags were noticed because of the 3GB of RAM that it packs.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Gaming Data

[table id=458 /]

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Gaming Data

[table id=312 /]

Battery Performance


The battery on both these smartphones is comparable. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite has a 2500mAh battery whereas the Samsung Galaxy J3 has a 2600mAh battery. The good thing about the battery on the Galaxy J3 is that it is removable and this means that if you ever run out of battery, you can just change it with a new battery that you have lying around.

In terms of the actual battery performance, I ran the Lab 501 battery test on the phones to play the same video for 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes, I recorded the battery drop just to get an idea about their battery performance. I did the same thing for the Browser test in the app where I ran that test for 10 minutes each on both these smartphones. Here are the results.

[table id=457 /]

Extra Features

In terms of the extra features that these two smartphones offer, they both offer distinct features that the other does not. The Samsung Galaxy J3 offers a special mode called the Bike Mode, which allows you to drive your bike peacefully without being disturbed by calls and messages on your smartphone. It also lets you choose callers that you want to get calls from even in Bike Mode. The phone also has a setting toggle in the Display Settings that allows you to toggle Outdoor visibility of the phone. If you turn this on, you will be able to view the phone outdoors without any problem.

The Coolpad Note 3 Lite offers a fingerprint scanner, which the Samsung Galaxy J3 lacks. The fingerprint scanner is a must have in any smartphone these days as it adds to the security of the device to a great extent. Also, the Coolpad Note 3 Lite has 3GB of RAM, which is straightforward double than what the Galaxy J3 offers.

Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pros

  • Great Outdoor Visibility
  • Decent Camera
  • Removable Battery

Samsung Galaxy J3 Cons

  • No Fingerprint Scanner
  • Only 1.5GB of RAM

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Pros

  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 3GB of RAM

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Cons

  • Not so great Outdoor Visibility
  • No Removable Battery


Overall, both these smartphones are good in their own aspects, but if I have to choose one myself, I’ll choose the Coolpad Note 3 Lite just because of the Fingerprint scanner, more RAM and better low light camera performance in our testing.

Aneesh Bhatnagar

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